Are Cluster Lashes Safe For Your Natural Lashes?

When it comes to choosing eyelash extensions, there are so many different types available that it can be difficult to determine which ones are best for your natural lashes. One especially popular type of natural lash is cluster lashes. This type of eyelash extension is popular because it gives people the option to increase the length and volume of their lashes in specific areas.

For instance, if a woman only wants fuller, longer eyelashes on the outside edges of her eyes, then cluster lashes make this possible. If you’re new to the world of lash extensions, you may have heard that cluster lashes may not be safe for your natural lashes. Here is an overview of this possible problem, and more.

What are cluster lashes?

Cluster lashes are small pieces of eyelashes that must be applied in a bunch in order to create that look you’re trying to achieve. Again, cluster lashes enable a person to use as little or as many pieces as they desire in order to enhance one or more parts of their natural eyelashes. There are many types of cluster lashes to choose from, so if you decide to choose this type of lash, be sure to choose the kind that will best meet your needs.

Will natural lashes be damaged by cluster lashes?

There is a very strong possibility that your natural lashes could be damaged by wearing cluster lashes. Many women have had negative experiences with cluster lashes, especially in cases where they’ve attached them at home. One main issue that women have had with cluster lashes is the fact that they’re so heavy, increasing their chances of causing their natural eyelashes to be pulled out. The fact that they’re bunched together in “clusters” is what makes them so heavy, especially if you apply many of them in one area.

Another problem with cluster lashes is that they sometimes fall out, and when they do, they often pull out your natural lashes with them. So, even if you ensure that you don’t apply cluster lashes to the point where they become too heavy and end up pulling out your natural lashes, your natural lashes can still be damaged simply by wearing cluster lashes, period.

Wearing lash extensions in the future with no natural eyelashes

If you’ve worn cluster lashes and they ended up pulling out your natural lashes, then unfortunately, you won’t be able to wear eyelash extensions until the lashes begin to regrow. False eyelashes are glued to natural lashes, and if the natural lashes don’t exist, then applying them is impossible.

Will your natural lashes grow back?

If you lose your natural lashes, they can regrow, but it’s not easy, nor is it an overnight process. You will have to be patient, and you might even need to use special serums and vitamins to encourage regrowth. Some people suffer from what appears to be stunted growth in the eyelash area, so while you can regrow your eyelashes in many cases, it’s not always guaranteed. This is why many women stay away from cluster lashes, due to the damage they can do.

What are some other negative aspects of cluster lashes?

There are some other reasons why some women steer clear of cluster lashes. First of all, cluster lashes can’t be worn for longer than one day at a time. They must, therefore, be removed at the end of each day and then reapplied the next morning. Sleeping in your cluster lashes can cause bacteria to grow, which could result in you developing a nasty eye infection that could require antibiotics.

Yet another issue that many women have with cluster lashes is that they’re more expensive than other types of lashes, yet they don’t last more than a week, in most cases. They’re just not very durable, and they wear out very quickly, especially when compared to other types of lash extensions.

Safer alternatives to cluster lashes

Fortunately, there are so many types of eyelash extensions that there are plenty of safe alternatives to cluster lashes. You can look into volume and strip lashes, if you like the look that cluster lashes can give you, but you don’t want to worry about potential side-effects. Don’t rush out and purchase eyelash extensions, as you need to conduct enough research to feel comfortable purchasing the type of lash extensions that you ultimately decide on.


Cluster lashes are a popular type of eyelash extension that, unfortunately, has the potential to damage your natural lashes by pulling the hair out. This is definitely not something that anyone wants, especially women who are trying to enhance their appearances, not the opposite. So, if you do decide to try eyelash extensions, you might want to try some of the many safer options, so you won’t have to worry about possibly losing your natural lashes, which could be very difficult to regrow.

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