How to Apply Makeup to Look More Masculine?

man putting makeup on her face

If you want to apply makeup to look more masculine, you need first to create an adam’s apple; second, create the appearance of facial hair; third, focus on your eyes; fourth, mind your eyebrows; fifth, change your jawline and chin; and sixth, increase the length of your nose. Once you can perfect the look you’re trying to achieve, hopefully, you will be happy and confident with how you look.

How to Fix a Lash Lift That’s Too Curly?

cosmetologist doing lash lifting

To fix a lash lift that’s too curly, First, let’s start with the basics. If you have a lash lift, it’s important to know that the results are not permanent. Your lashes will eventually grow out, and the lift will start to wear off. Depending on your natural lash cycle, you can expect to see the effects of a lash lift last anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

Can You Use Purple Shampoo on Blue Hair?

hairdresser pumping out blonde purple shampoo from bottle

It can be difficult to find the right hair products, and shampoo is one of the most important products of them all, since everyone must wash their hair. One thing that makes finding the right shampoo or other hair products especially challenging is having special situations, like chemically-processed hair, colored hair, or even damaged hair. … Read more

How Long Do Cluster Lashes Last?

woman applying mascara

With special care, cluster lashes last about two weeks at most, but many only last about a week. There are other lash extensions that last as long as five weeks, which, for many women looking to enhance the length and volume of their lashes, is amazing.

How Do You Apply Pink and Blue Eyeshadow?

woman holding a makeup brush

In applying pink and blue eyeshadow, you need to do the following: First, Choose the right shades, use an eye primer, build up color slowly, use a setting spray to make your eyeshadow even brighter, and then blend the colors together. Afterward, use mascara and eyeliner to define your eyes, and lastly, keep the rest of your makeup minimal.

9 Best Prom Nails for Red Dress: Choose Guide

woman in red dress standing under a tree

There are nine best prom nails for a red dress, which you can choose from, and these are peppermint nails, glitter nails, red coffin-style nails, french manicured nails, sequined nails, pink prom nails, yellow prom nails, burgundy prom nails, and rose prom nails. Regardless of the color of nails you ultimately decide on, hopefully, you will feel as beautiful as you’re bound to look, so you can have one of the most fun nights of your life.

Hybrid Lashes vs. Volume Lashes: Ultimate Guide

woman putting false eyelashes

Hybrid lash extensions combine traditional extensions with volumizing lashes. These types of lashes are best for women who have sparse natural lashes and want a thicker and fuller set of lashes but without attaining an appearance that is too over-the-top. Meanwhile, volume lash extensions describe a type of false lashes that are extremely lightweight, with the ability to increase your lash thickness in a significant way. In fact, volume lashes can increase your number of lashes by more than 700 tiny lashes per extension.

What is Hair Bonding Glue Used For?

woman with colorful strands in hair

Hair bonding glue is a popular way to attach extensions to natural hair. There are many different bonding glues available, and most are strong enough to allow extensions to remain attached for extended lengths of time. Many are waterproof, so washing and conditioning the hair while the extensions are still attached is typically not a problem.

Is Ion Hair Color Remover Good to Use?

woman with different shade of hair color

Depending on your specific circumstances, Ion Hair Color Remover can be a very good color remover. However, if you’re looking for a product that will remove 100% of the color from your hair, or you’re trying to remove a semi-permanent hair dye from your hair, then there are other color removers that are more appropriate. If you do end up purchasing Ion Hair Color Remover, hopefully, your experience will go as planned, and it will live up to your expectations.