9 Best Prom Nails for Red Dress: Choose Guide

Going to the high school prom can be one of the most exciting aspects of graduating from high school. For this reason, you want to ensure that you look your absolute best, from head to toe. If you’re going to be wearing a red dress to your upcoming prom, then you’ve obviously got to make sure you’ve got the perfect nails. Here are some ideas for prom nails for a red dress that would make you look and feel like a princess.

Peppermint nails

woman with peppermint nails

Peppermint nails aren’t just for Christmastime. In fact, they would go perfectly with your red prom dress. As long as the red that you choose for your nails matches your dress as closely as possible, the white in the “peppermints” will accentuate your dress perfectly. What exactly are peppermint nails? Peppermint nails are gel or acrylic nails that are decorated with swirls of red and white to look like Starlight mints. You are almost guaranteed to love the look, and you will be the envy of the entire prom.

Glitter nails

woman with glitter nails 1

Every girl wants to feel like a princess at her prom, and nothing can make you feel more like a princess than wearing glitter nails. Whether you choose red, multi-color, white, silver, or gold glitter nails, you’re guaranteed to feel absolutely gorgeous. What exactly are glitter nails? Glitter nails are simply nails of any color that are covered with glitter to make them look extra-special. Glitter nails are so easy to achieve that if you’re trying to go to prom on a budget, then you could do your own glitter nails at home. There are an abundance of different colors that would go great with your red dress, even black nails with gold glitter. Be sure to give it some thought before you make your final choice.

Red coffin-style nails

autumnal nail design

Coffin nails are extremely popular, and they’re so beautiful that they would go perfectly with your red prom dress. What are coffin nails? Coffin nails are acrylic nails that are shaped like coffins. It’s not meant to be morbid in any way, it just so happens that the nails are shaped like coffins but they have nothing to do with death, zombies, or horror. Coffin nails can be plain red to match your dress, or they could be a combination of red and white, red and silver, or red and gold. Regardless of the color that you ultimately choose to accompany the red, if any, chances are, you’ll be very satisfied with your choice.

French manicured nails

female hands with french manicure

If you’re not sure what color nails to wear with your red dress, you certainly can’t go wrong with a French manicure. In case you’re not familiar with what a French manicure is, it is both basic and glamorous at the same time. Your nails will be painted with shiny clear nail polish, but on the tips they will be painted a beautiful white or beige color. If professionally done, French manicures look absolutely amazing and they can make you feel magical in your red dress at your prom.

Sequined nails

nail design with heart

Regardless of the color you decide on, sequined nails are the ultimate when it comes to special occasions like proms. Not only will sequins perfectly accentuate your dress, but they are a must-have for a special night like prom. Splurging and allowing a professional to do your sequined nails will make your nails perfect, so you won’t have to worry about them not turning out right if you do them at home. The type of sequins that you choose won’t matter, and you can choose a matching red color as your base, or even white, silver, or gold, all the colors of a princess.

Pink prom nails

female hands with pink manicure

Not many girls would opt for pink to go with a red prom dress, but believe it or not, pink might be the absolute best color to go with your dress. Why? Well, pink is a very feminine color which has the ability to make any color look magnificent. Even if you wanted to choose a darker shade, like hot pink, it would still look amazing with your red dress and have you looking like a model.

Yellow prom nails

yellow manicure and makeup

While you may not believe it, yellow nails would really highlight your red prom dress and make you stand out in a crowd. It doesn’t matter if you opt to get a fancy design on your yellow nails or not, the color is what is going to make the difference, so choose any design that you like. The shade of yellow that you choose shouldn’t matter, because any will look perfect with your red dress.

Burgundy prom nails

woman with burgundy manicure

If none of the other choices caught your attention, then burgundy should. While it might seem as if burgundy would clash with a red dress, it will actually do the exact opposite: accentuate it. There are various shades of burgundy, and instead of stressing, simply choose the shade that you like best and it will look amazing. You could even do your burgundy nails at home unless you wanted special designs on them that could be challenging to do.

Rose prom nails

rose design manicure

Rose is another lovely color that would do wonders for accentuating your red prom dress. Rose is a pinkish color with a hint of red, so it might even match perfectly, depending on the shade of red that your dress will be. Regardless of the exact shade of your dress, rose-colored nails will really bring out the red in your dress, so you can choose the red dress that you want.


As you can see, there are more than just one or two great choices for having the best prom nails to go with your amazing red dress. Regardless of the color of nails you ultimately decide on, hopefully, you will feel as beautiful as you’re bound to look, so you can have one of the most fun nights of your life.

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