Hybrid Lashes vs. Volume Lashes: Ultimate Guide

Not every woman is born with the perfect eyelashes that many women desire to have. As a result, many women seek other ways of attaining the long and thick eyelashes that they feel make them look more attractive. One way that many women choose to enhance their eyelashes is by wearing fake eyelashes.

If you’ve decided that you’d like to try fake eyelashes but are unsure which kind is best, you may have heard of hybrid and volume lashes. However, which style would meet your needs? Which is easier to apply? Which choice can enhance your own lashes while looking as natural as possible? Here is an overview of hybrid vs. volume lashes, so you can decide which one will better meet your needs by helping you achieve your desired look.

What are hybrid lashes?

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Hybrid lash extensions combine traditional extensions with volumizing lashes. These types of lashes are best for women who have sparse natural lashes and want a thicker and fuller set of lashes but without attaining an appearance that is too over-the-top. Hybrid lashes can give you more of a natural look, but also a look that is spectacular. This type of eyelash extension is quite popular, because it provides women with the best of both worlds, with natural-looking, thick, and gorgeous eyelashes.

Pros of wearing hybrid lashes

There are both pros and cons to choosing hybrid lash extensions. One of the main pros of this type of eyelash extension is the fact that it’s easier to make them look more natural. The idea is for your false eyelashes to enhance your natural ones, so the more natural your extensions look, the better.

You may have seen women who obviously applied their eyelashes without the assistance of a professional. Their lashes are often very unnatural-looking, which unfortunately, does the complete opposite of enhance a woman’s appearance. You don’t want yours to look this way, and if you choose hybrid lashes, then the chances will be increased that they will look natural, if you apply them properly.

Another pro of hybrid eyelashes is the fact that they are long lasting. No one wants to remove and reapply their eyelash extensions on a daily basis, and as long as you refrain from getting your lashes wet, then they should last for approximately three weeks.

Hybrid lashes are also one of the most customizable types of extensions. Depending on the specific look you’re trying to achieve, you can customize the lashes to help you achieve many different looks.

Cons of wearing hybrid lashes

One of the main cons of hybrid lashes is the fact that it takes a significantly longer to apply them than it does other lash extension types. In fact, it can take as long as 2 1/2 hours to apply hybrid lashes, which for most women, takes a lot of time out of their schedules.

Just like you can’t get your hybrid lashes wet, or they won’t last as long, you must also refrain from using mascara, lash creams, or special oils on your eyes. In fact, it is necessary for you to adjust your entire skincare regime to accommodate your hybrid lashes if you expect them to last as long as possible. Many women enjoy using mascara on their false eyelashes, even though it’s not necessary. If you also enjoy adding mascara to your eyelash extensions, then you might want to choose another type of eyelash extension, as.the application of mascara is not recommended.

What are volume lashes?

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Volume lash extensions describe a type of false lashes that are extremely lightweight, with the ability to increase your lash thickness in a significant way. In fact, volume lashes can increase your number of lashes by more than 700 tiny lashes per extension. Furthermore, the thickness, diameter, texture, and dimension will be enhanced by opting for volume lashes, providing you with a dramatic look. Many women often only wear volume lashes to parties and other special nights out on the town, since they can result in such an attractive yet extreme look. However, if you prefer to wear them every day, then that is certainly acceptable.

Pros of volume lashes

There are many pros of wearing volume lashes, and the main pro is the fact that these lashes are quick and easy to apply. This is great for women who don’t have a great deal of time to get ready in the morning, or who need more time to complete other tasks. Another volume lash pro is that they last much longer than other types of lash extensions. While they typically last for about three – four weeks, with special care, they can last for as long as five weeks. For most women, that’s very convenient.

Cons of volume lashes

One of the main cons of volume lashes is the fact that they’re costlier than other types of extensions, and for many women on a budget, this might be a deterrent. Another con of volume lashes is that they can require a lot of practice to get them attached, because it can be pretty tricky to get them done properly. Many people who prefer volume lashes often have them done professionally so they won’t have to contend with the complexity of applying them.


As you can see, there are many similarities as well as differences in hybrid and volume lashes. There are many reasons a person might opt for hybrid lash extensions, but they must be sure to have nearly an unlimited amount of time since it can take up to 2 1/2 for application. On the other hand, volume lashes, which are another popular choice, are often preferred to the hybrid type, but volume lashes can be challenging to apply properly. Regardless of the type of eyelash extensions you ultimately decide on, hopefully, you will be very satisfied with your choice, and the extensions will make you look and feel your absolute best.


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