How Long Do Cluster Lashes Last?

If you’re not satisfied with the length and volume of your natural lashes, then you may have considered your options for enhancing them. Mascara is certainly an option, but it doesn’t offer the magnitude of improvement most women seek. This is why many women opt for false eyelashes, but with such an abundance of lash extensions available, it’s hard to know what kind to choose. You may have heard that cluster lashes are popular, but how long do they last? Here is a guide that will answer this question and more.

What are cluster lashes?

cluster lashes

Cluster lashes are one of the newest types of lash extensions currently on the market, and unlike other false lashes, cluster lashes are attached to the skin as opposed to the natural lashes. They’re called “cluster lashes” because of how they’re attached to the natural lashes, which are in “clusters.” These lash extensions appear to be individual lashes because of their small size, but their size is what allows women to customize the look they’re trying to achieve.

If you’re interested in a dramatic look with extremely thick eyelashes, then you can apply enough clusters to accomplish this goal. However, if you want as few as possible because you’re interested in providing only minimal enhancement, then this can be accomplished with cluster lashes, as well.

How long do cluster lashes last?

With special care, cluster lashes last about two weeks at most, but many only last about a week. There are other lash extensions that last as long as five weeks, which, for many women looking to enhance the length and volume of their lashes, is amazing.

What are the pros and cons of cluster lashes?

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As with the numerous other lash extensions currently on the market, cluster lashes come with their fair share of both pros and cons, although many more cons than pros. One pro of cluster lashes is the fact that they’re much quicker and easier to apply than similar types of lashes. In addition, cluster lashes are more affordable, so if you need to replace them frequently, then they shouldn’t add up too much.

One primary con of cluster lashes is the fact that they don’t last as long as other lash extensions. While many women wear their cluster lashes for longer periods of time, it is recommended that cluster lashes be removed each night instead of being worn constantly. Some women have experienced unpleasant side-effects from wearing cluster lashes, and they’ve even been implicated in cases where natural eyelashes have been permanently damaged.

Cluster lashes are very heavy due to the many bunches that are often placed together, and the extra weight of the extensions often tugs on a woman’s natural lashes, pulling them out in the process. Once natural eyelashes have been pulled out, it can be nearly impossible to regrow them, and in some cases the loss is permanent. Cluster lashes also tend to fall out easily, and when they fall out, they often take pieces of your natural lashes with them.

Another negative aspect of opting for cluster lashes is the fact that they’re more prone to causing an infection of the eye. This is due to the amount of glue that is necessary to attach these lashes, as well as the weight of the bunched-up lashes on the eyelids.

If you do opt to wear your cluster lashes for more than a day at a time, then you should take special precautions when sleeping in order for them to last longer. Sleeping on your back is one of them, because if you’re a side or stomach sleeper, then your lashes could be pulled off by the pillowcase. If you can’t sleep on your back, then another option is to wear a 3D eye mask or sleep on a silk or eyelash pillowcase.

Tips for applying cluster lashes

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If you’re not worried about the negative aspects of wearing cluster lashes and you’ve ordered yourself a set and you’re ready to apply them, you should watch some of the many online tutorials available. This can make applying cluster lashes for the first time easier and less intimidating, so you will know exactly what to do.

Another thing to remember is to make sure you have all your supplies and equipment within reach before you begin the application process. Also, start with the longest lashes first, and then move on to progressively smaller sizes. This will help you to create a more natural look.

Alternatives to cluster lashes

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If the fact that there are so many negative aspects of wearing cluster lashes is scary for you and you’d rather not take a chance on having a bad experience, then there are many other false eyelash choices available. Many women who like the idea of using lash extensions that can be built on, individual lashes are a wonderful alternative. Individual lashes aren’t applied in the same manner and they don’t cause the same damage that cluster lashes have the tendency to cause.

Volume lashes are another viable alternative to cluster lashes. It isn’t necessary for volume lashes to be applied individually, so if you’re looking for a dramatic look with thick and lengthy lashes, then you will love volume lashes. Like individual lashes, volume lashes don’t cause the same potential side-effects that cluster lashes can.


Cluster lashes can be an excellent option for women looking to enhance their natural lash length and volume, but they could come at a price. Although cluster lashes have been given a bad rap, as long as you apply them carefully and remove them as often as recommended, you will have a diminished chance of encountering problems. This could also extend the life of your lashes, which could last as long as two weeks. Should you end up purchasing cluster lashes, hopefully, your experience will be as positive as possible, and you will end up meeting your beauty goals.

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