What Nail Colors for Red Dress: 9 Colors to Choose

A red dress can help you look and feel your best. Not only is red a universally flattering color, but studies show that wearing red can give you a confidence boost! Naturally, you’ll want to choose the perfect nail color for your look.

Neutral nails always look great with red, especially metallic shades. Bolder colors, like green, blue, and yellow, can also make an impact. You can even wear red nails for a monochromatic look. Whether you’re looking for red prom nails or a color you can wear daily, these are the best nail colors to pair with red.


Gold is neutral, but it’s anything but boring! This metallic shade can dress up your look and make it feel more formal. Muted metallics look beautiful with red, but sparkly gold nails can be a fun option for an evening look.

If you wear gold nails with a red dress, it’s best to wear gold jewelry as well. Gold accessories can be especially flattering if you have a warmer skin tone, but like red, it’s a color that anyone can wear. Some shades of gold, like rose gold, have pink undertones, which works very well with red.


This metallic neutral is cooler than gold, but it still looks striking when it’s worn with red. Some silver nail polishes have a hologram effect that can make your nails stand out. Sparkly silver nails are also a fantastic choice, especially for formal events.

Silver nails will work well if you’re planning on wearing silver or white gold jewelry with your outfit. If you choose to wear a silver glitter nail polish, make sure you protect your nails with a top coat. Chipping can be more noticeable on nails with this type of finish.


Even though white is a plain color, you’ll have a lot of options if you decide to wear white nails with a red dress. You could paint your nails a soft off-white if you’d prefer something more neutral or choose a stark white if you want more contrast. White tips can also work with virtually any nail color.

Wearing white nails doesn’t have to be boring, especially when you’re wearing a bold color like red. Some sparkly white nail polishes can mimic the look of sequins. A white nail polish can also be the perfect base for nail art.


Even though black is a neutral, it’s a bold color to wear on your nails. Black nail polish can give your look some edge. Matte black, ombre nails, and metallic nails can all work with a red dress.

Since black nails can really stand out, you may want to keep your nails short if you choose a black polish. A short, square nail shape can keep your polish from overwhelming your look. Black nail polish also works well with sparkly topcoats.


If you want your nails to look polished, but you don’t want them to be the focus of your look, you can’t go wrong with a basic beige. This is a simple, neutral color that’s perfect for everyday wear, but can still look gorgeous with formal outfits. Beige is also the go-to color for French manicures.

A beige crème nail lacquer is ideal if you want your nails to last. This type of nail polish has minimal additives and is naturally resistant to chipping. When you paint your nails beige, you can always dress up your look by adding a sparkly topcoat.


Since red and green are complimentary colors, green nails can look amazing with a red dress. Even though this color combination is associated with Christmas, there are ways to wear green nail polish without looking like you’re dressed for the holidays. Light shades of green, like mint and lime, can give you a summery look!

If you’re wearing a solid red dress, you could also try wearing patterned green nails. Nail polish strips make it easy to add patterns like stripes and polka dots to your nails. This is a fun option that’s perfect for more casual looks.


No matter what shade of blue you choose, blue nails will always look amazing with a red dress. Cool-toned shades of red have a blue undertone, and the right shade of blue can make your dress pop. From navy to pastel blue to jewel tones, blue nail polish will enhance your dress while still adding some visual contrast.

Turquoise and aqua blue are terrific shades to wear for a summer look, while navy blue is a nice choice if you’d like your nails to look more neutral. Try to find a shade of blue that naturally complements the shade of red that you’re wearing. Hold up different blue nail polishes to your dress until you find the ideal combination.


When you blend blue with red, you get purple, which is why purple nails can look gorgeous alongside a red dress. Purple and red isn’t a common color combination, but the right shades can look incredible together. Burgundy and jewel-toned purples are especially nice, but paler shades of purple, like lavender, can work beautifully too.

Try to choose a shade of purple that has the same undertones as your dress. If you’re wearing a cool-toned red dress, blue-purples and violet shades will work very well. Warm reds look incredible alongside colors like mauve, eggplant, and paler shades of purple.


Red nails with a red dress might seem like a lot, but painting your nails the same color as your dress can actually look fantastic. You don’t have to wear a shade that’s identical to your dress. A red that’s slightly deeper can compliment what you’re wearing without matching it exactly.

Like a red dress, red nails are a classic. Red prom nails will look amazing no matter what color of dress you’re wearing, and red nails are a fun choice for casual outfits too. Tints of red, like pink, coral, and burgundy can also keep your nails in the red family.


Red looks gorgeous with almost every color, which means you’ll have a lot of freedom when you’re choosing a nail color to wear with your dress. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try painting your nails a few different shades. No matter what color you paint your nails, nail polish can help to pull your look together.

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