How to Get Nail Glue Off of Fake Nails Without Ruining Them?

If you like doing your own DIY manicures at home, then you’re obviously quite creative and smart. Professional manicures can be pampering and nice, but the prices and wait-time can sometimes be too much. Regardless of the types of manicures you prefer, if you’ve used fake nails, you must obviously use glue to attach them. One problem many women have, especially when they’re new to doing their own manicures at home, is getting nail glue off fake nails without ruining them. Here is an overview to help you with the problem and more.

Preserving your false nails

When wearing false fingernails, it can be easy to simply remove them the best way you can and if they become damaged, just toss them into the trash. However, due to inflation as well as the difficulty finding the exact products that you want because of shortages, removing false nails in a manner that could possibly damage them isn’t such a good idea. Fortunately, there is an easy way to remove your fake nails (and the glue) without ruining them, so that you can use them again and again. You just need to invest in some Kiss Glue Off, and all your problems will be solved.

What is Kiss Glue Off?

Kiss Glue Off is a product that removes adhesives like nail glue, easily and hassle-free. By using this cutting edge product, you don’t have to worry about struggling to remove your false fingernails and possibly damaging them to the point that they can’t be worn again in the future. Kiss Glue Off doesn’t require pre-soaking, and use of this product enables you to instantly remove any type of press-on or glued-on nail that wouldn’t otherwise come off.

Kiss Glue Off doesn’t have a strong, chemical-like smell like many would expect, according to some reviewers of the product, and it works like magic. Some women have struggled for hours in the past trying to clean up a false nail and glue mess, but not after purchasing this wonderful product.

Where can Kiss Glue Off be purchased?

Kiss Glue Off can likely be purchased wherever fake nail supplies can be purchased. Check the nail supply aisle of your local beauty supply shops, or even at your favorite Big Box stores. You’re bound to find it at one of these retailers. If you can’t find it locally for whatever reason, try it online. It can definitely be purchased from Amazon for a very inexpensive price.

Is Kiss Glue Off expensive?

Kiss Glue Off is not expensive in the least, and it’s so inexpensive that it can be purchased for about $6.00 a bottle. There is no reason to go broke buying false nails after false nails when you can carefully remove the nails that you currently have and reuse them as many times as you desire in the future.

How does Kiss Glue Off work?

Many customers swear by Kiss Glue Off, and it’s quick and easy to use. Simply apply a small amount of the product to the underside of the nails. Allow it to remain for a few minutes, and then try to remove the false nail. It should come right off, as should the glue. You might have to repeat the steps and try again, in some cases. You will need a wet cloth to assist you in the removal process.

Are there any alternatives to Kiss Glue Off?

There may possibly be alternatives to Kiss Glue Off, but Kiss Glue Off is so effective and inexpensive, most people wouldn’t even think twice about purchasing it. If you do happen to find a product that is similar to Kiss Glue Off, hopefully it’s as effective and as affordable as this product is.

However, if you find a similar product for a cheaper price, then who wouldn’t try it? If it works, then it’s wonderful that you can save money and expertly remove glue from your false nails without destroying them. If the alternative glue removers fail to work as effectively as Kiss Glue Off, then you’re obviously better sticking with this product.

Your local nail salon undoubtedly uses Kiss Glue Off or a similar product, so the next time you go for a professional manicure, you might want to inquire about this product. The salon may be able to tell you if they use this particular product or another one, as well as why.


There is no reason to take the chance of possibly ruining your false nails during the removal process. Nail glues can bond false nails pretty securely to your real nails and make it nearly impossible to remove them without there being some type of damage. However, if you invest in an inexpensive bottle of Kiss Glue Off, then you can keep your false nails in excellent condition so they can be worn again in the future.

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