Unveiling The Truth: Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Grow?

Not everyone is blessed with the long, luscious eyelashes that some people have, and those with stubby eyelashes often search for ways to grow them thicker and longer. If you are one of those people with eyelashes that are shorter than you’d like them to be, you may have searched for ways to grow yours.

There are many ways of encouraging the growth of eyelashes, and there are also supposed methods that are actually myths. Some people believe that there’s something in our tears that makes eyelashes grow. This may lead you to wonder if it’s actually effective. Does crying make your eyelashes grow?

Unfortunately, crying does not promote eyelash growth, so if you were hoping that there was some type of magical ingredient in teardrops that encourages eyelash growth, then you are wrong. If you’re interested in growing stubby lashes out until they’re much longer, then you have several different options, but crying isn’t one of them.

Master your mascara brush

It takes time for eyelashes to grow, and if you’re one of the many people who desire instant gratification, you obviously want immediate results. If you use the right mascara as well as the right application technique, then you can achieve long and full lashes as you determine a method for growing them. Do your research in advance and find a mascara that will not only add length but also volume. Once you’ve found the perfect mascara, if you use the “fanning” technique, in which you use special strokes during application that resembles a fan, you can achieve a full, beautiful, and professional look.

Invest in some high-quality false eyelashes

False eyelashes have come a long way since they first originated around 1916, and it’s now possible to apply them, so they look like a person’s natural eyelashes. If you would like to try them, there are many eyelash bars where you can have beautiful eyelashes applied by a professional. However, if you would like to experiment at home, numerous types of eyelashes are available in different price ranges and quality levels. Take your time conducting some research on the different kinds available, and you can watch some of the many tutorials online that can help you apply them so they look natural.

What actually makes eyelashes grow?

If you search the internet for methods of growing your eyelashes, you will find many different serums that claim to get the job done. However, what really makes them grow? Some people report having had success with many home remedies, while others have used one of many serums touted to make the eyelashes grow. There is even a prescription serum that only a dermatologist can prescribe.

Don’t minimize the power of a healthy diet

Consuming a healthy diet is also a great way to promote overall health as well as grow your eyelashes. While you don’t necessarily have to cut certain foods out of your diet, adding specific foods to your diet can help immensely. Super nutritious foods like eggs, salmon, nuts, sweet potatoes, avocados, spinach, and kale, among others, can provide your body with the vitamins and minerals needed to grow your lashes. Eating these foods for a few days or a week won’t suffice, as you will need to make them a regular part of your diet before noticing any results.

Keeping your lashes as clean as possible

In order for your lashes to be as healthy as possible so they can grow, they need proper moisturization. Not many people realize this, but it’s true, and adequate moisturization keeps your eyelashes from becoming brittle and damaged. Properly moisturized lashes also prevent the hair from falling out.

The best way to keep your eyelashes moisturized is to apply castor or olive oil to them on a daily basis. You can use disposable eyelash brushes dipped in the oil of your choice to apply the oil to your lashes each night after you’ve removed your makeup and thoroughly cleaned your entire face.


Despite the fact that crying does not make your eyelashes grow, there are other, more proven ways of growing them long, thick, and strong. Not only can adding specific superfoods to your diet benefit your eyelashes as well as your entire body, but simply ensuring that your lashes are properly moisturized can work wonders. Regardless of the method or combination of methods that you decide to use to grow your lashes, hopefully, you will be successful, and your eyelashes will make you feel like a runway model.

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