7 Effective Tips on How to Remove Waterproof Eyeliner

Wearing eyeliner is a great way to enhance your appearance and make you appear more attractive. People often opt for waterproof eyeliner as an option, since sweat, tears and rain can cause the makeup to smear or wear off faster. Sometimes, waterproof eyeliner can be difficult to remove, and using water certainly won’t help. In case you ever experience difficulty removing your waterproof eyeliner, here are seven effective tips on how to remove waterproof eyeliner without a hassle.

Wash your hands thoroughly before beginning

The most important step to properly removing waterproof eyeliner is to ensure you start the process with clean hands. It can be very easy to transfer dirt, debris, and bacteria to your eyes from unwashed hands, which is why this step is imperative. Even after your hands are clean, you don’t want to rub or scratch your eyes because this could cause soreness and irritation. If your eyes are itching profusely, then you can dab them with a clean, warm cloth to stop the itching, and you might want to reconsider the type of makeup you’re using in case you’re sensitive to it.

Opt for using cotton

The eyes are an incredibly sensitive area, and any excess rubbing can cause them to become sore, red, or irritated. Furthermore, too much rough rubbing in the eye areas can lead to the formation of lines and wrinkles, which no woman wants, so you want to be as gentle as possible when removing your eyeliner. This is why you should clean off your waterproof eyeliner using cotton because cotton swabs and Q-tips are very soft and gentle, making them the best materials for use when removing eye makeup or even for cleaning.

Use Vaseline to remove eyeliner

Vaseline is a thick, oily product that is excellent for removing all types of makeup, even waterproof mascara, and eyeliner. To use Vaseline, place a small amount of the product directly on your eyelids using your finger. Using a cotton pad, Q-tips, or cotton ball, gently wipe the area, ensuring that you use the entire cotton pad or cotton ball. You may need to fold the cotton pad over to ensure all the makeup is removed. You should notice that the makeup wipes off very easily with the use of Vaseline.

After all traces of eyeliner are gone, you will want to clean the area until it’s free of Vaseline. Never use soap to clean on or near your eyes; you could cause burning, redness, and massive irritation. To remove excess Vaseline from your face and eyes, simply use a warm, wet washcloth or even a washcloth dipped in a gentle eye cleanser.

Use a gentle facial cleanser

If you prefer not to use Vaseline for whatever reason, a gentle facial cleanser will suffice. The makeup remover should contain oil, which is the necessary ingredient for removing waterproof eye makeup. Just make sure you use cotton pads or cotton balls and that you’re only using a small amount of the cleanser. A little bit goes a long way, and too much can lead to unwanted irritation.

Don’t forget to rinse your face afterwards

If you’re using a facial cleanser, regardless of how gentle it might be, you don’t want excess remaining on your face after you’re done removing your makeup. Despite being touted as “gentle,” if it remains on your face too long, it could cause irritation, so it’s important to rinse your face and eyes with warm water after all makeup has been removed. Also, allowing the facial cleanser to remain on your skin for extended periods could lead to premature skin aging, which isn’t desirable to anyone.

Be sure to use a moisturizer after removing eyeliner

All the cleansings can remove moisture from your skin, so you must be sure to replace them. After removing your eyeliner, and while your face is still wet, apply a liberal amount of moisturizer and gently rub it in. Leaving your face wet while applying the moisturizer will enable your face to absorb more moisture. This will increase the moisturization your face will absorb, making your face smoother and more hydrated.

Don’t waste your time using baby wipes

While baby wipes look and feel like they would be sufficient for removing waterproof makeup, they aren’t. Baby wipes might successfully remove non-waterproof makeup (if you scrub hard enough, which is not recommended), but it definitely won’t remove the waterproof kind. Baby wipes may smell pleasant, but they don’t contain the necessary ingredients to remove any type of makeup. If you try baby wipes, you will only waste your time and money as you toss them in the trash in frustration. So it would be better to find other ways than to keep using this product.


As you can see, removing eyeliner doesn’t have to be difficult, even if it’s waterproof. The process could be much more difficult if you try using plain water or even baby wipes, but using the right products will make the process quick and easy, so your skin can be as clean and healthy as possible.

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