Ultimate Guide and Tips | Can You Bleach Your Hair Twice In One Day?

There is one thing that is constant in life; change. Everyone desires change at one point or the other. This is the reason why many ladies want to alter their looks by bleaching their hair. However, some people tend not to like the outcome of the bleach. This makes them want to repeat the bleaching process immediately. Thus, the question “can you bleach your hair twice in one day”? This article will answer this question and also give you some guidelines and tips on bleaching your hair twice.

How does bleaching work on the hair?

The bleach is made of harsh chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide or ammonia. When you apply bleach to your mane, the chemical forcefully opens the hair cuticle to strip off its natural pigment. This makes the bleach quite harsh to your hair and scalp.

Even though some companies will claim that they have peroxide-free products, however, that does not make them safe. This is because those products might contain chemicals that are harsher than hydrogen peroxide. 

What are the effects of bleach on the hair?

woman with a damaged hair

No matter the chemical component of bleach, they are quite harsh on the hair. And they could have effects on your hair in various ways, some of which are:

Scalp irritation

One effect bleach has on the hair is scalp irritation. The skin on the scalp is quite sensitive, so any chemical can trigger itching. Whenever you feel such on your scalp make sure you wash it off immediately, to avoid burns and infection.

Loss of hair moisture

The harsh chemical in the bleach strips off the natural oil and moisture in the hair. Thus, it leaves the hair dry and frizzy.


Sometimes, you notice that there is discoloration or uneven color on your hair. This could be a result of uneven bleach application. While you might want to go in with bleach one more time, this is not advisable as it could damage your mane.

Can you bleach your hair twice the same day?

The simple answer to this question is no. As you can see in the previous section, bleaching your hair once has some harmful effect on your mane. Now imagine doing that twice on the same day. Only one word comes to mind; disaster!

However, if you are not satisfied with the outcome you got, you can bleach it again NOT on the same day. In fact, you shouldn’t even repeat the bleaching process on the second day. If you do that you might get a serious scalp and hair burn which could cause infection and hair loss.

How long should you wait before you repeat the bleaching process?

Now, we know the question that plagues your mind is how long should you wait before you bleach the second time. We recommend that you let your hair rest for about 4 to 6 weeks depending on how healthy your hair is. We understand quite alright that you are desperate to get the color you want in your hair. 

But if you are not patient enough, the health of your mane is at risk. The break in-between will allow your strands and scalp to heal and get back their moisture and nutrients.

Prepping your hair for the second round of bleaching

Even though you have given your hair enough time to rest, you need to prep it for the second round of bleaching. This will help mitigate hair damage. Here are some tips to guide you:

Perform a strand test.

This step is necessary especially if your hair got damaged after the first round. Visit a professional hairstylist to perform a strand test on your mane. This will let you know how long you can leave the bleach on your hair for the second time.

Use moisturizing product

The first round of bleaching has probably stripped your mane of all its moisture, thereby leaving it dry. You should ensure you nourish your hair with enough moisture in-between the first and second session of bleaching. Keeping your mane hydrated is necessary to restore the health of your hair. 

So, ensure that you use nourishing products such as moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Furthermore, you should avoid sulfate-based products as they tend to make your hair drier. Then apply some coconut oil to your mane every other day and allow it to soak the oil. 

Avoid hot styling tools

The first bleaching session has stripped your mane of its natural oil and moisture. So, you should not do things that will make your hair drier. For this reason, ensure you stay off hot styling tools like blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, and so on.

Using hot styling tools will cause heat damage to your hair which could eventually cause hair breakage. If you are the type that cannot totally avoid it, cut back on how often you use it. Besides, make sure you use a quality heat protectant to limit the damage it could cause to your mane.

Trim off splits end

If you detect any splits end after the first bleaching session, make sure you trim them off. 

Apply coconut oil

Make sure you use some coconut oil on your hair a day before the second session. This will help boost the level of moisture in your hair.

Tips for the second round of bleaching

Bleaching your mane twice can cause damage to your hair. Because of this, you have to take some precautions. Here are some tips to guide you.

Consider taking a professional help

If you notice that the first round of bleaching damaged your hair, you can consider getting professional help. Go to your stylist to perform a strand test for you. Besides, we recommend that you get a professional hairstylist to handle the second session of bleaching. They will take some precautions to mitigate the damage this time around.

Be on the lookout for time

You should also be on the lookout for time. Make sure the bleach mixture is not on your hair for more than 10 minutes. Anything beyond that might damage your mane.

Post-bleaching care tips

Now that you are done with both sessions of bleaching, you need to give your strands some love. Here are some tips on how to care for your mane after bleaching it:

Avoid sulfate-based products

Sulfate-based products strip your hair of natural oil. And that is something you don’t need after bleaching your hair. Opt for hydrating products such as moisturizing shampoo or conditioner. They will help boost the level of moisture in your hair.

Opt for deep conditioning and masking

You should also opt for deep conditioning and masking treatment once or twice a week. Invest in good conditioning products and use them to retain moisture.

Final thoughts

Can you bleach your hair twice? Yes. Can you bleach your hair twice a week? No. This could cause serious damage to your hair. Therefore, wait patiently for your strands and scalp to heal before going for the second session. Make sure that you moisturize your hair with coconut oil and conditioner while you are allowing it to rest. This will help limit the level of damage after the second round of bleaching.

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