Best Acrylic Nail Brushes in 2022

We tested five acrylic nail brushes and found Savilands Acrylic nail brushes to be the best overall and Morovans Acrylic Brush Set to be the best for beginners. 

As someone who regularly keeps up on acrylic nails, whether at home or the salon, the difference between a good application and a bad one is unmistakable. High-quality brushes determine whether your purchase was $60 well spent or $60 down the drain. 

Saviland Acrylic brush is 100% authentic kolinsky hair. The brush comes in many sizes, making it easier for anyone of any experience level to paint any nail size.

Everyone has different needs for their nail care. This list helps identify what the best is and what the listed brushes are best at doing.

Nail cosmetology has a wide range of needs to fulfill. As a result, a product has to rank well in quality, size range, variety, technique, and experience level to be the best.

Stay with us as we break down the best uses for the top brushes. 

Saviland Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush – Best Overall

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  • Bristle Quality: 100% Kolinsky Sable Hair
  • Handle: Alloy, acrylic, sliding cap, 5 inches long
  • Size range: Sizes #8-#16
  • Overall look: Fashionable, high end
  • Who should use it: Professionals or personal use
  • Weight: 0.63 ounces

Saviland has the highest overall rating for this product on Amazon. Its high-quality features make this product beneficial for both personal and professional use. 

As long as you regularly clean your brush, the acrylic won’t set in (making it unusable) and the bristles will retain the monomer

Applying your acrylic powder and monomer would be extremely difficult without the proper handle. The length is optimal and the handle becomes gradually more slender closer to the brush for optimal control and ease when shaping and applying the acrylic. Additionally, it comes with a sliding bronze cap to store your brush after use. 

Lastly, Savilands acrylic brush looks the best. With a half-bronzed and half-gold glittery handle. It is fashionable and looks high-end. 

You can buy Savliand’s acrylic brush in varying sizes, from 8 to 16. Sizing refers to the diameter at the base of the bristles to the tip. Sizing relates to your experience level and is essential to get right.

You will get good use out of it. Plan on it lasting a while before needing replacement. 

The quality of the handle will also allow you to work efficiently and quickly. A brush too thick or too narrow at the handle directly impacts your application. The handle must sit nicely in your hand and have control close to the bristles. This handle offers both. 

If you are one of those bold people that learned to apply their acrylics on their own, is this brush a good fit for you? Absolutely. You won’t suffer the prices of a licensed only nail supply store, and you will still get a salon-quality brush. 

If you are a professional who applies acrylics all day, this is your next brush. Saviland claims professional use and meets all of the requirements for applying a good set of acrylics. 


Morovan’s Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush Set – Best for Learning

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  • Bristle Quality: 50% Kolinsky Sable Hair
  • Handle: Redwood and alloy, 4 inches
  • Size range: #4 – #14
  • Overall look: Classic
  • Who should use it: Beginners
  • Weight: 1.76 ounces

For those who are working on becoming a nail technician or wanting to start DIY acrylics, let’s talk about Morovan’s acrylic brushes.

As a set equipped with five kolinsky brushes, it’s a very appealing product. As aforementioned, different sizes suit different applications, which means that this set allows you to play around and get comfortable with the different sizes. 

Each brush is attached to a redwood handle that is basic in its design. It has a wide center that narrows at the base of the bristles. The brush is comfortable to hold and allows for fine control. At about four inches long, you can practice confidently and comfortably.  

There is one major shortcoming with this brand: it is only 50% Kolinsky hair. The brush is only listed because it has the best quality for new practitioners. Practicing with a 50% kolinsky hair brush allows you to notice the differences in quality and work your way up to a 100% kolinsky hair brush.

Considering its slightly lower-quality bristles, you might quickly outgrow this brush.

For many people training to be certified as a technician, you must meet several hours of training before you get a certification. These brushes will provide excellent practice because of the varying sizes and the bristle quality. 

This acrylic brush set is a great way to learn the trade and figure out what products, brush sizes, and techniques make you the most comfortable. It might even help you figure out where your specialty lies.


Kiara Sky Pink Acrylic Nail Brush – Best for Professional Use

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  • Bristle Quality: 100% Kolinsky Sable hair
  • Handle: Acrylic, alloy, acetone resistance ferrule, ergonomic
  • Size range: #8 – #20
  • Overall look: professional and fashionable 
  • Who should use it: Professionals
  • Weight: 1.76 ounces

This brush is worth the investment for those who have an established clientele. It offers various sizes that suit any expertise and has an adorable, crystal-styled handle. 

This acrylic brush comes with an ergonomic shape and a decent handle length. The ferrule is acetone resistant, an appealing quality that ensures long-term use while minimizing the risk of early replacement. 

This brush makes your work easier and smoother and has your customers leaving happier than ever with your work.

This brush guarantees authentic kolinsky sable bristles for the best application of powder and monomer. You can pick the size that is suitable for your talent and comfort. The brush has a kolinsky stamped on it and rose gold ferrule. It also promises to be supportive enough to prevent hand fatigue.

When acrylic is applied poorly due to a low-quality brush, the brush doesn’t last as long, and your clients can expect chipping and unevenness. Additionally, improper applications can prevent acrylic nails from curing. 

When you combine high-quality tools with a refined technique, you get the opposite: even-set, long-lasting, and cured acrylic. Long-lasting doesn’t just apply to the client, either. The brush is durable and lasts longer than other brushes on the market, although it’s still not a top pick.

When a set is better applied, it lasts longer. When it’s ready for fill, that fill goes much quicker. 

Your clients will leave their service with a flawless set that lasts and ensures a returning customer. This brush is sure to provide a better set of nails that requires less upkeep for you and your client. 


AprilLily Acrylic Nail Brush – Best for Control

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  • Bristle Quality: 100% Kolinsky Sable Hair
  • Handle Material: Acrylic, high-grade ferrule alloy, acetone resistance ferrule, sliding cap
  • Size range: #4 – #14
  • Overall look: Charming and versatile
  • Who should use it: Personal use
  • Weight: 1.45 ounces

You can bank on this brush to provide a better powder grip than others. It also has minimal hair-splitting and lasts a while. 

Of course, you can purchase it in your preferred size. In addition, this is the first brush that offers two different styles to choose from. You can go with a hot pink rhinestone handle or a subtle rose gold handle, which is very classy. 

The handle has a sliding cap built-in, so you can easily pull it over the bristles to ensure proper shaping after use. The bristles placed in the ferrule are soft and secure in their placement. While the handle is slightly longer than most, it still rates well on control.

One thing to note is that the brush’s quality bristles assist in its shape and secureness. You can avoid getting too much powder on it. It retains the correct amount of monomer, allowing you to control how much powder it picks up. 

There is only one downside to this brush. Despite the various positive aspects of control and handling, it is not ergonomic. It is cylindric with no curvature. It narrows slightly within an inch or so of the bristles. 

While this brush could be used in a professional setting, it might be better for personal use. 

The control the brush offers is super helpful for painting your nails. Sometimes a little more fluidity is better in applying another’s acrylic nails than your own, but not always.

The less ergonomic shape of the handle will do just fine for a do-it-yourself set of nails. However, if used in a professional setting where you may do several sets a day, this could cause some discomfort to the technician. 


Pana Acrylic Nail Brush – Best Shape

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  • Bristle Quality: 100% Kolinsky Sable Hair
  • Handle Material: Acrylic, alloy, ergonomic
  • Size range: #6 – #18
  • Overall look: Professional, attractive versatile
  • Who should use it: professional preferred, personal optional
  • Weight: 0.63 ounces

Pana’s acrylic brush comes with several features to love. The bristles are perfectly pointed, incredibly intact, and concise with secure placement. They do a great job at holding their shape after use and cleaning. 

The shape also ensures effective carving of your powder onto the nail. It easily and precisely takes care of the edges and, with stiff bristles, you get a concise and clean application. 

The handle, perfectly shaped, is ergonomic. It is wider in the middle and comes to a point at either end of the brush, allowing it to sit comfortably in your hand. Being tapered at both ends creates a well-balanced brush. The weight distribution allows for control and fluidity. 

There is an issue. The stiff bristles may work well for application, but they may require more monomer than another brush would. You may experience a higher use of that product when using this brush, it just may not absorb as well. 

For personal use, it may be okay to use more liquid monomer. As a professional, however, you may want to consider the cost benefits of more monomer. This brush requires more experience. If you’re a newbie, wait on the Pana.


Buying Guide

a woman using an acrylic nail brush

Looking for quality is a struggle. Below are features of an acrylic brush to search for.

Importance of bristles

Synthetic hair vs. real hair. Any internet search, blog, artist, or nail technician will tell you that real bristles are better. This kolinsky sable hair comes from the Siberian weasel. Why would we use Siberian weasel fur? Because what we want is the water absorption, structural integrity, control, and application quality that authentic bristles offer.

It comes with two major components that are important for your acrylic brushes. The first is its ability to snap back into place and retain its shape. Once used, it can be placed into shape and stay that way. 

The second important aspect is its ability to retain liquid. These Kolinsky hairs are harvested only from the tail and can absorb and hold liquid for a period. The brush cannot be too damp or too dry for your acrylics.

The most important part of properly applying acrylics is having equal parts monomer and powder. Without this, the nails won’t go on or be applied properly. Thus, the water absorption of your bristles can affect the difficulty of application—better absorption means less difficulty.

An essential part of proper acrylics application is mixing equal parts monomer and powder. Without this, the nails won’t go on correctly. Thus, the water absorption of your bristles can affect the difficulty of application—better absorption means less difficulty applying.

What’s the problem with synthetic hair? For starters, it can’t retain the monomer how we need it to. It either absorbs too much or too little and makes the process longer. 

Nails need to be properly shaped, applied, and cured for the best results. When searching for your brush, consider authentic hair, your style, and your experience level. Having the appropriate acrylic nail brush is essential to your work.


The right handle assists your application. There are several handle types listed above. Some are acrylic and some are redwood. All have an alloy casing that connects the brush to the rest of the handle. 

When selecting your brush, pay attention to the weight. Some people prefer a heavy brush that feels more secure. Others prefer a more lightweight brush. Length also varies on these brushes. If a handle is too short, your palms or fingers may smudge your work. If a handle is too long, the brush may feel unwieldy and delicate work may be out of your reach.

Your comfort is vital to your application. If your brush is uncomfortable in your hand, you may find you experience more hand fatigue. Your work may suffer and you can even damage the brush if you can’t handle it properly because the length is wrong for you.

Lastly, pick a style that you like. This is all about beauty anyway and you should have fun and enjoy your tools.

Proper care

When receiving a new nail brush, some prep is required before use. You will notice the bristles will be stiff to the touch. Bristles are typically coated and cured to preserve them before use. The best way to loosen them up is to gently flick or twist the brush. You will notice “dust particles” flaking off as you do this. 

Remove as much of this substance as you can. When you’re finished, run the bristles under warm water or dip them into some monomer. This ensures your brush is ready. 

While all of these brushes promise a long-lasting brush, that doesn’t mean much if you don’t care for them properly. Your brush needs attention after every use. 

After use, allow your brush to soak in monomer for about an hour or two. Then, lay it on a paper towel and use another paper towel to press on the bristles to create a fan and squeeze the monomer out.

Some technicians will then follow up with a rinse of warm water. Always allow your brush to air dry completely before the next use. Whenever you work with your brush, always go with the grain and in the direction of the bristles. 

For professionals working with clientele, cleaning your brush comes with the importance of hygiene. Your clients deserve and need clean brushes. 

How experience factors in

The size of your brush affects how your acrylic will work and speaks to your experience level.

If you’re just starting, using a too-large brush will cause you to pick up too much powder and probably create a mess. It becomes much harder to properly carve your acrylic onto the nail. If you are just starting, start with an 8-sized brush. It will offer you control and won’t risk you over-applying the powder. 

However, regardless of experience, you have the option to move up in size. The benefit of a larger size is that it increases the speed of your work. The size of your brush is also important to the length of the nail.

The size determines use. You want a larger brush for longer nails and a smaller brush for shorter ones. You also want a smaller brush for fills as opposed to putting on a whole new set of nails. 

Size also affects the speed of your process. Larger brushes tend to be for those with more experience and can make their process much quicker. A smaller brush may make for longer application times, but there’s no shame in taking your time or learning the trade. 

Additional things to be aware of

Like anything else, there are always potential problems. To ensure your preparation for anything that may arise with your nail brush; here are some common problems:

  • The ferrule falls off
  • Bristles fan
  • Fly-away bristles

If your ferrule isn’t properly glued to your handle, the ferrule will fall off. If your bristles aren’t secured, they may fall off the ferrule. Most of the brands listed in this article have customer service options to help with this. 

Acrylic brushes are not invincible. Overusing, not cleaning properly, or having nonauthentic bristles will cause the brushes to quickly lose their shape. When this happens, your brush will start to fan out or gain fly-away bristles. Don’t try to apply acrylic nails if your brush loses its shape.

Additionally, sizing may vary by brand. While there is typically a standard measurement for the size of the brush, not all companies adhere to that standard. You may encounter unexpectedly larger or smaller brush sizes. However, this shouldn’t be so drastic a change in size that the brush is rendered unusable. You just might prefer this brush for practice or personal use.

Our recommendation

It can be frustrating to find the right brush. It takes a lot of research, work, and understanding of nail craft. It is infuriating to invest in a brush that doesn’t meet your needs. So we did the work for you. 

The best option, ranked best overall, is the Saviland Kolinsky Acrylic Brush. You are simply not going to find anything better. The brush is beautifully designed, ergonomic, and its bristles can’t be beaten.

With Saviland’s acrylic brush, you can select the size that is best for your needs. With proper care and appropriate use, this brush should last a long time, making it a solid investment. 

Regardless of which brush from this list you choose, you should expect a brush with authentic bristles, an ergonomic shape, and the best bang for your buck. 

All of these brushes can be found on Amazon. You may also find them at a Sally’s Beauty Supply—you might even see some at your local Walmart. 

Still, if you want the best kolinsky sable brush there is, log in to your Amazon account and purchase a Salivand Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush today!

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