Pros and Cons of Using Acrylic Nails on Toes

Many women enjoy getting pedicures as much as they enjoy manicures, especially if they wear sandals often during the spring and summer. As you likely know, many different types of pedicures are available, from traditional pedicures that use conventional nail polish to gel, and acrylic, among others. If you’ve never had an acrylic pedicure before and you’re considering having one, you might want to know the pros and cons of acrylic toes, so you can decide if it would be a good choice for you.

The pros of acrylic toenails

Many women ensure that they regularly maintain their acrylic toenails and get them done every four to five weeks or whenever a fill-in is necessary. Fingernails tend to grow a lot faster than toenails, which is why pedicures don’t need to be filled in as often as manicures. Just like with acrylic fingernails, there are many advantages to getting an acrylic pedicure, and here is a list of the pros of getting this type of pedicure:

  • Acrylic pedicures are more durable and longer lasting than any other type of pedicure. While an acrylic manicure can last for three weeks, an acrylic pedicure could possibly last for much longer, as all pedicures typically last longer than manicures, with acrylic lasting the absolute longest.
  • Protects toenails and keeps them from breaking, so they can grow.
  • It can be used to extend the length of extremely short toenails that have failed to grow fast.
  • There are numerous creative and beautiful acrylic colors and designs available.

The cons of acrylic toenails

Just like with every type of beauty treatment available, acrylic toenails have their fair share of disadvantages. That doesn’t mean that these types of pedicures are bad or should necessarily be avoided, but it simply means that acrylic toenails could possibly have some negative effects if not watched carefully. Here is a list of the cons of this type of pedicure, so you can compare them to the pros, as well as to other types of pedicures, which will help you decide if you want to proceed with one.

  • Acrylic nail polishes emit very strong fumes that could possibly cause harm to sensitive individuals and pregnant women.
  • There is a good chance that your acrylic toenails might fall off, because sometimes the simple motion of walking or participating in other physical activity can cause them to loosen.
  • Could possibly damage your toenails and cause pain.
  • More difficult to apply than gel.
  • More costly than acrylic fingernails due to the amount of skill needed to apply them.
  • Acrylic toenails are more susceptible to fungal bacterial infections due to the moisture that could become trapped under the nail bed and be left to come into contact with the acrylic materials.
  • Many people complain that acrylic toenails are not very comfortable.

Obtaining your acrylic pedicure at a professional nail salon

professional at beauty salon doing pedicure for female client

If, after weighing the pros and cons, you decide to go with an acrylic pedicure, then you’re certainly not alone. You will be among numerous other women who choose to take advantage of this long-lasting and durable pedicure. Some women have discovered that their toenails that have suffered from stunted growth have started to grow normally again after wearing acrylic toenails.

When choosing a nail salon to apply your acrylic toenails, be sure to choose one that has a good reputation for providing high quality service as well as for cleanliness. If you find a salon that adheres to these important aspects of applying acrylic nails, then you will significantly lower your chances of developing a fungal infection or encountering any other undesirable problems. You should also opt for a salon that offers plenty of ventilation, so the fumes won’t be too bothersome, whether you’re pregnant or not. The technicians will be wearing protective gear, and you won’t.

DIY acrylic pedicure at home

woman applying acrylic pedicure at home

With many beauty supplies and online stores offering all the supplies necessary to do your own acrylic pedicure, you can do yours at home and save yourself some money. However, one reason why professional acrylic pedicures are so much more expensive than getting other types of pedicures or acrylic manicures is because a technician requires an ample amount of skill to properly apply acrylic to the toenails. Due to this fact, it’s still possible for you to apply your own acrylic toenails at home, but there will likely be some trial and error in the beginning.

Luckily, there are some ways to make your experience easier and less frustrating, and the first choice that you have is that you could go for a professional acrylic pedicure the first time and watch how the technician does your toes. Make sure you ask questions if you don’t understand a step. Another choice that you have for making your experience with DIY acrylic toenails as hasslefree as possible is to watch some of the online video tutorials. Women (and men) who have perfected this art are very happy to share their tips and instructions with you and anyone else who wants to learn how to do this type of pedicure. Once you learn to do them, you could even do them for your friends and family members, as well, if you choose to.


As you can see, applying acrylic to toenails can be a way to ensure that your toenails remain as beautiful as your fingernails. However, in order to decide if you should opt for this type of pedicure, you need to determine whether the cons are too much for you to deal with since there are other types of pedicures to choose from, if acrylic doesn’t work. For many people, acrylic pedicures work wonders and last for what seems like forever, but for others, they would rather not deal with the strong fumes or risk developing a nasty toe infection.

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