11 Black & White Eyeshadow Trends For 2022

2022 is the year of the tiger – confident, courageous, and passionate. What better way to show off your stripes than with black and white eyeshadow looks? We’ve put together 10 of the best makeup looks with tips and tricks on how to wear black and white eyeshadow both together and separately for maximum versatility. Office looks, party looks, and a little something for everyday – you’ll want to keep these in your makeup arsenal for long past the jingling bells of December. Get ready to get noticed for all the right reasons with trendy eye makeup in colors that make a big impact.

Black & white eyeshadow looks

combination of white and black eyeshadow makeup

When going for the yin and yang of eye makeup hues, you might be wondering how on earth you apply black and white eyeshadow in the first place. These next three looks will give you a great start, but you’ll want to balance your brows, lashes, and lips for a look that works. Another quick tip: always start your eyes with primer.

1. All over black and white shadow

The traditional all-over black and white shadow look is blended just enough to add a smokey touch without losing its edginess. Start with a matte white all over the lid and up to the crease. Then, use a blendable black liner to outline the edge. Bring in your black shadow to define a wing pointing outwards towards your temple and then up and over the penciled-in line to thicken it. Lightly blend all your edges to soften them.

2. Go Ombré – Add a little gray

Take advantage of everything ombré with a gradient effect from black to white. You can start dark on the outer edge and work towards a lighter inner corner. Or, you can start dark near your lash line and switch to gray and then white as you work and blend upwards.

3. Color in the center brings everything together

If you want a more bold eyeshadow look, separate a black outer lid and bright white inner corner with a bold color in between. Pick a hue that compliments your outfit, your eye color, or both.

4. Need a little shimmer? Go metallic.

Why go black when you can go black leather? Pick a nice, glossy, metallic black and get ready to shine. It doesn’t take much to make a big impression here.

5. Try smokey eyes for classy black

Nothing pairs with a little black dress like a smokey eye. Use a palette with multiple shades of black for the best effect. Stick to darker shades closer to the lash line while gradually lightening as you go up, blending the lightest grays towards your brows. You’re looking for a gradient but a darker effect than an ombré lid.

6. Magical black cat eyes

Cat eyes are another classic that will take you through 2022 and beyond. With black eyeshadow over liner, you can add a delicate, tapered wing or go thick and bold with an all-over black lid to match.

7. Colored eyeliner

Our last black eyeshadow hack is to pair it with a colored liner. Go blue or brown for a subtle effect or really draw attention with something bright. Don’t forget your bottom lash line while you’re at it.

8. Make it icy white with glitter

If Lady Gaga at the 2022 SAG Awards or her premier look at A Star is Born is the style you’re longing for, don’t stop at white. Add a wing and some glitter on top.

9. Inner & under for soft eye brightening

The eyelid doesn’t get to have all the fun when it comes to white. Use white shadow just on the inner corners and beneath the bottom lash line for instant eye brightening.

10. A sheer white veil

You can skip the base of white liner if you are going for just a light wash of color. Choose an opalescent hue with shimmer, start with a primer on the lids, and apply a sheer veil across the top. You’ll want to complete this look with some great mascara and a darker lipstick to keep it from looking washed out.

11. White can pop too

If your white eyeshadow needs a little more oomph, pair it with white liner, white mascara, or add a wing in white. Lining your waterline with a white pencil can open up your eyes instantly for a more awake look, too. Eyeshadow can just be the beginning.

How to wear black eyeshadow

Let’s say you’re leaning more towards the dark side of today’s latest black and white eyeshadow trends. How do you make black eye shadow look good? Before we get into our four favorite looks, here are a few tips.

  • Concentrate on your lids. Black above the crease or underneath your lower lash line can get messy looking quickly. So, keep that shadow brush under control unless grunge is your thing.
  • Line after you prime. After applying eye shadow primer, outline and fill in your ideal black shadow look with a pencil. This gives you a great base to build off of and adds depth to the shadow you choose.
  • Blend, or don’t. If you want a clean look, simply press powder into the liner you’ve already applied until you’ve built up the color you want. For a more smokey effect, use a fluffy brush to blend out from your lash line.
  • Clean up your edges. Even the smudgiest looks should look purposeful. Use a concealer brush or cotton swab and makeup remover to clean up any black shadow that has gone astray.
  • Stick to a natural or nude lip color. With black eyeshadow looks, the attention is all on the eyes. Keep the face simple and the lips natural for balance.

White eye makeup tips & trends

Dated, boring, washed-out – if this is how you think of white eye shadow looks, it’s time to think again. Jet black and onyx might get you grunge and edge, but white can be just as effortlessly clean and cool ad you want it to be. From soft and ethereal to ice queen, we’ve got five looks for you.

How to make white eyeshadow show up

But first, how do you wear it? It’s surprisingly similar to the way you apply black eyeshadow looks. Prime, add a base of white liner this time, then go to town with the white. Why? Because white shadow on its own can look chalky, streaky, and way too see-through to really have an effect.

Finish with great lashes and a bold lip, and your eye makeup will be anything but boring.

Black & white eyeshadow looks: The verdict

As you can see, so many black and white eyeshadow looks are just waiting for you to try them in 2022. Play up your eyes in black or add a little ice to your look with white. Better yet, combine these opposites for a tiger-worthy year of face-forward fashion. Pick up your palettes, pencils, and primer and give these 11 styles a shot.

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