How to Curl Your Lashes Without a Curler?|Guide

Curling your eyelashes can dramatically change the look of the lashes of your eyes. A curl can create the illusion of longer and fuller lashes. Having curled lashes can even make your eyes look bigger than they really are.

Thankfully, you don’t need a lash curler to enjoy the benefits of curled lashes. There are plenty of other ways to lift, curl, and transform your lashes. Instead of picking out your favorite extensions on a lash curl chart, you can make your natural lashes look long, thick, and full.

Try Curling Your Lashes With Mascara

woman looking at a mirror and putting mascara on her eyes

While applying mascara will always give your lashes a boost, the right product and technique can also help you add a light curl. Look for a mascara that has an applicator with dense bristles. If possible, choose a waterproof or volumizing mascara that has a waxier formula.

When you apply mascara, make sure that you start at the base of your lashes. Wiggle the applicator back and forth as you move it upwards, making sure that most of the product winds up on the bottom half of your lashes. Apply a second and third coat so that you can build up a heavy layer of mascara that will give your lashes some much-needed lift.

Once you’re happy with your mascara, use the wand to press your lashes upwards and hold them in place while the base dries. Count to 15 to make sure that the mascara has time to dry. This should keep your lashes curled until you wash away your mascara at the end of the day.

Enhance Your Lashes With a Cotton Swab

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If you’re happy with the way you normally apply mascara, but you’d still like to add some curl, you can get a similar effect by using a cotton swab. Once you’ve applied your mascara, take a cotton swab and hold it along the base of your lashes. Press your lashes upwards until they’re lifted into the position you want them to hold.

Keep the cotton swab pressed against your lashes as your mascara dries down. When the mascara is completely dried, you can remove the swab. Your lashes should stay lifted and have a beautiful, naturally looking curl.

Brush Your Eyelashes

woman brushing her eyelashes

If you want to curl your lashes without using mascara, or if you’d like to boost your lashes before you put mascara on, brushing your lashes can also give you great results. You can brush your lashes with a clean mascara wand or even a toothbrush! The more bristles the brush has, the better the results will be.

Use hot water to heat up the brush and get it nice and warm. Use a microfiber towel to dry the brush off. While the brush is heated, brush it upward, starting from the base. This should pull up your lashes and give them an upward curl. It’s similar to the effect you can get when you heat style your hair!

To make sure your curl lasts, you’ll need to find a way to seal it in place. You can apply mascara or coat your lashes with some sort of oil, like castor oil. For a more dramatic effect, use the mascara brush or a cotton swab to hold your lashes upward while they absorb the oil that you’ve applied.

Turn a Spoon Into a Makeshift Lash Curler

woman holding a spoon

If you love the results you get with a lash curler, but you don’t have a curler on hand, you can get a similar effect with a metal spoon. While you can grab any clean spoon from your kitchen, it’s best to use a spoon that’s on the smaller side. Smaller spoons have thinner sides, which makes them more effective lash curlers.

Once you’ve found a suitable spoon, place it in a cup of warm water and allow it to heat for about three minutes. Remove the spoon and dry it off with a cloth or towel. Make sure that the spoon is hot to the touch rather than warm. You don’t want to risk burning the delicate skin around your eyes!

Hold the spoon face down at the top of your lash line. Place your thumb beneath your lash line and pull your lashes upwards. Keep the spoon and your lashes in place for at least 10 seconds. When you’re done, use mascara or an oil to seal in the curl.

Use Your Fingers

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While there are plenty of ways to curl your eyelashes at home, you can also add a little curl to your lashes when you’re on the go. Just rub your hands together to warm up your fingers. When your fingers are warm, use your index finger to hold up your lashes for about 20 seconds. Although this technique won’t dramatically change the look of your lashes, it will give them a quick lift.


A lash curler is a fantastic tool to have in your makeup bag, but there are plenty of ways to lift and boost your lashes even if you don’t have a curler on hand. With these simple techniques, you’ll be able to immediately achieve a curl that will last all day long. Once you see the difference that curling your lashes can make, you’ll want to curl them every day!

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