Can You Put Acrylic on Short Toenails?

For the majority of women who enjoy getting their nails regularly manicured using acrylic, having their toenails done is just as important. However, many women who don’t have perfect-looking toenails may refrain from getting pedicures because they feel their toenails are too short or otherwise not in good enough shape for the pedicure. Do your toenails have to be in “excellent” condition in order to have acrylic put on them? Can you put acrylic on short toenails? Here is a complete overview that will answer these questions and more.

What exactly is acrylic?

Acrylic is a combination of powdered polymer and liquid monomer, and it is placed over natural nails to create many unique and beautiful nail designs. Acrylic sets in a few minutes, and unlike gel, it doesn’t require UV lamps or other assistance with drying. Acrylic is very malleable, and before it sets, it can be molded into many different shapes and designs. That is the beauty of acrylic, and why it’s been so popular for nails for so many years, because it can completely transform the appearance of nails in a significant way.

How can acrylic benefit imperfect toenails?

beautician cleaning her customers toenails

Due to the immense malleability of acrylic, it is often used on even the shortest and most imperfect toenails, with excellent results. So, to answer the question regarding whether or not you can put acrylic on short toenails, the answer is a definite yes. While acrylic can’t make repairs or promote the growth of toenails, it can make them appear longer and repaired as long as the acrylic is on them.

The best acrylic nails for short toenails

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If you’re not sure what design to get when you get the acrylic put on your short fingernails, then you might need some inspiration. The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing the best designs for your short toenails, and here are some ideas for you to consider the next time you decide to get an acrylic pedicure:

1. Farm animal prints – you don’t have to be a southern girl to appreciate how cute farm animals are, or to feel that these adorable animals would look even cuter as art on your toenails. There are so many variations that you can opt for, so just have fun with it. If you are having a professional do your toes, don’t be shy about sharing exactly what you want with the tech.

2. Hearts and flower prints – There aren’t many women who don’t like heart and flower designs, and even if you opt to get a plain acrylic manicure, why not splurge and get a heart and flower acrylic design on your toes? This can be extremely cute, making you want to wear sandals to show them off, even during winter months. The different variations of heart and flower designs for acrylic toes are endless, so take your time picking the perfect one.

3. Purple glitter toes – purple is the favorite color of many people, and even if it isn’t yours, chances are you’d love to have purple glitter acrylic toes. There’s no doubt that this design would make you feel like a queen, so check out some purple glitter choices and determine which one you think would look the best for your next acrylic pedicure.

4. Red, white and blue toes – it doesn’t have to be a patriotic holiday in order to get red, white and blue acrylic toes, as they look good any time of the year. As with the other possibilities, there are plenty of ways to personalize your red, white and blue toes, so go crazy and be creative! You’re bound to have a great deal of fun in the process.

5. Green glitter toes – green is another popular color for acrylic fingernails and toenails, and the glitter just makes whichever shade of green you opt for that much more glamourous. You may have to narrow down the different variations, since there are so many choices, so take your time. You’re bound to be satisfied, regardless of the green glitter design that you choose.

6. Beige acrylic toes – while beige might seem like a pretty boring color, it’s actually quite exciting. Why? Beige is such a neutral color that it can easily be jazzed up in any way you desire. Regardless of the beige toe decorations you opt for, you’re almost guaranteed to love your nails.


So, if you’ve found yourself hesitating to get acrylic on your toenails because you have short ones, now you know it doesn’t matter. Acrylic is an excellent product that can work miracles and make even the shortest; most broken toenails look absolutely amazing. There is no need to wait for your toenails to grow first, and regardless of the condition your natural toenails are in, when you are in the mood for an acrylic pedicure, you can have it done anytime you’d like.

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