10 Nail Colors That Will Make You Look Tan | All You Need to Know

Everybody has experienced this situation – standing in front of the polish wall at the nail salon, with hundreds of bottles in a variety of vibrant colors, looking back at us, feeling absolutely bewildered. Should we go with a traditional red? Or why not try a more bold green? What about that nice gray hue that a beauty blogger shared on Instagram the other day? What about nail paint that makes you appear tanned?

There are so many options that choosing just one is totally daunting. When you consider that you’ve spent hours at the beach refining your summer glow and really want to select a nail polish color that will make your tan pop, your decision becomes even harder. So, to make your life easy, we have collected ten nail colors to make you look tan. If you want to know, keep scrolling. 

Is it true that having brightly colored nails helps you seem tanned?

According to recognized and well-respected Essie celebrity nail tech Rita Remark, there are many colors that look beautiful on every skin tone. Consider the sort of event you’ll be attending while choosing the appropriate color of polish. Dress correctly for the occasion, whether you’re heading to an interview, the beach, or a holiday party. Assume you’re stumped as to which nail polish color to use. If you’re unsure, use transparent nail polish. Naked nail people look amazing throughout the year in practically any scenario or dress.

By appearing freshly tanned, you can obtain a healthy glow. Don’t allow a mismatched nail paint color to keep you from participating. You may highlight your tan even more by using green, opaque pinks, orange, and sunset yellow nail paint. These colors will highlight your tan and give your summer outfit a beachy vibe.

Nothing screams “my Summer ruled” like gorgeous, sun-kissed skin, whether you use self-tanner, spend the day outside (with SPF, of course), or were born a naturally bronzed queen. We offer plenty of tips for individuals who haven’t yet achieved tan perfection. Why not bring attention to your lovely skin with a fresh layer of nail polish?

Which nail polish color should you choose based on your skin tone?

Your nail polish color should complement your dress and skin tone. You may be familiar with the season’s “in” colors, but not all of them will complement your skin tone. Different color colors complement different skin tones (varying from lighter colors to darkest). You must first determine your skin tone before selecting a nail paint hue.

When it comes to color, there are so many options that it’s difficult to know where to begin. The best ones are those that make you look and feel fantastic. The color of your skin is the starting point.

While skin tones vary greatly, there are only four primary undertones: warm, olive, cool, and neutral. According to Skin Care Geeks, warm-toned skin has gold and peach undertones, and olive-toned skin has yellow or green undertones. 

While neutral individuals tend to fall somewhere in the center, with skin that doesn’t appear to have an obviously warm or aggressively cold undertone, cool people often have a greater pink or blue undertone. Knowing your undertone type is helpful when choosing clothes and makeup colors, but it’s also helpful when choosing nail colors.

If you have fair complexion and wish to wear a vivid, classic red, avoid sheer tones. Red-orange tones look great on fair to medium complexion tones. For people with deeper skin tones, go with a dark wine red. 

If you have a fair complexion and are looking for red nail paint, hold the bottle up to the light. If you can see through the polish, it is too sheer.

On tanned skin, a bright color will make you appear fairer than neutral shades of colors that are near to your skin tone. It is extremely encouraged to use brilliant pink, purple, and blue. Yellow undertones bring out the best in a tanned skin. Also, avoid nail paints with a gold shine. 

10 nail polish colors that will make you look tanner

Without a tan, whether it comes from sunbathing at home or from spending the day in the sun while wearing SPF, summer isn’t summer. To bring out more of that golden sheen, pick a nail polish color that will stand out against your sun-kissed skin. Here are the top 10 nail polish colors to consider for your future manicure appointment.

1. White color

When it comes to showing off a tan, white nail paint fulfills the same function as white clothing. Use three to four coats of any white polish to get the color and opacity you want.

2. The color of fresh grass

The melting of the last of the winter snow reveals green grass beneath it more than anything else. With its grassy green color, Sparitual’s Morning Dew’s nourishing, moisturizing blend of ingredients including argan oil and seaweed extract recalls that sense. Because it’s a colorful yet relaxing tone, you can wear it with everything (even the loungewear you’ve been wearing for four days straight).

3. Striking yellow

Neo is a popular look at the moment, and the golden shade is great for highlighting a tan. The best neon color is yellow, but any other shade will do. No matter what you choose to paint your nails with, a few layers of neon yellow nail polish will make your tan look deeper.

4. Lavender

Additionally, pastel hues go great with a deep tan. Add a subtle touch with English Lavender by Butter London or Lilac Baguette Me Not by Essie.

5.Grape candy

Natural colors are wonderful, but when it comes to the grape-flavored sweets that they come in, there is something particularly gratifying and nostalgic about the purple that isn’t naturally occuring. Habit’s 45 Belladonna nail polish color in particular does a great job of capturing the mood. This amethyst has a myrrh undertone and is cool, rich, and vibrant.

6. The color orange

Wearing a bold orange color will highlight the warm tones in your summer glow. The tangerine flavor of Olive & June’s Sweet & Gracious is vivid.

7. Butter

What color seems to be more deserving of praise for its aesthetic qualities? The substance known as butter (For added dramatic impact, pronounce it buttah.) Underappreciated beige-yellow combination that needs more attention, as well as a convenient placement on your fingers. Elev√© Cosmetics Nail Pop in Shirley is a terrific pick since it has the timeless elegance of a creamy, pastel color while still having the soft, springy qualities you’re searching for.

8. Coral

Can’t decide if you want pink or orange hair? This coral polish has undertones of all the warm colors and will complement your natural tan.

9. A vibrant shade of purple

You should generally wear lighter colors to attract attention to your tan, but for some reason, vivid purple looks wonderful. Purple with deeper, royal undertones should be avoided in favor of brighter or lighter colors. While dark colors are beautiful, they do not always bring out your golden undertones as well as lighter colors.

10. Gray Dove

When touched with warm taupe, traditional cold gray becomes more enticing. Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro in When Doves Cry, a gel-like solution containing components found in treatments, is one of the creamiest and longest-lasting methods to wear this hue. Among the numerous things we’ll explore are rice protein, bamboo, and keratin. 


Nothing screams “my Summer ruled” more than gorgeous, sun-kissed skin, whether you use self-tanner, lie out in the sun (with SPF, of course), or were born a naturally bronzed monarch. We offer plenty of tips for individuals who haven’t yet achieved tan nirvana.

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