10 Best Silver Glitter Eyeshadow Looks & How to Wear Them

Makeup with glitter is available in a kaleidoscope of colors, but how do you make silver glitter eyeshadow really pop? From natural looks to glam looks ready to hit the dance floor or the red carpet, we’ve put together only the best. Add a little accent or create a statement look, and don’t forget our application tips to get and keep that shimmer only where you want it. Whether you’re prepping for your next music festival or looking for a soft way to make glitter work for your wedding, we invite you to take these 10 makeup ideas and make them your own.

How do you wear silver glitter eyeshadow? The looks

1. Back glitter shadow with black

Every starry sky needs a rich, dark backdrop. Create a smokey silver eye by layering glitter on top of matte black eyeshadow.

2. Contrast with metallic eye color

Black isn’t the only way to make silver eye makeup stand out. Choose a metallic blue, purple, or green to enhance your eyes and add on the ice queen vibes.

3. Go big, bust just on top

Silver eyeshadow comes in super fine, foil-like powders and the chunkiest of chunky glitter. If you want all eyes on, well, your eyes, then go big with the glitter and keep the rest of your makeup look low-key.

4. Pump up your liner look

You can use your liner to accent your silver eye glitter too. Amp up those lines and take your glitter from liner to crease. See how well 60s drama pairs with glitter shadow?

5. Add shimmer to inner lids

Start with an iridescent color all over your lids, and then add glitter just to the inter third and into the corners. This takes your look from holo to hello! You get both colorful shine and a diamond touch all in one look.

6. Neon liner with ethereal ice

Thick liner isn’t the only way to get your silver glitter eyeshadow to pop. Play off a color with a little electricity of its own. Choose an eye-catching neon liner to pair with a fine sparkle all over the lid.

7. Glisten up – Keep it soft with pink

Want to wear glitter to work, your wedding, or to a simple dinner date? Keep it soft with rosy or peachy pink lids that accent your skin tone and a dusting of both fine and chunky flecks on top. Keep the pinks natural and your touch light to keep the look playful without going over the top.

8. Add a few stars for a cosmic creation

Whether you choose black, blue, or purple to highlight your shine, you can take silver glitter eyeshadow to the next level with star-shaped silver accents. Feel like a star and look like a star with just a few bolder, chunkier pieces near the outer edge of each lid.

9. Wake up eyes with a little sparkle in the corner

If you want to sparkle in a less stand-out way, keep your eye shimmer just in the inner corner of each eye. It’s a sweet, subtle touch that goes with even the most natural makeup look.

10. Add moondust to your wings, you goddess

Our last silver glitter eyeshadow look is also one of the simplest. Once you have your liner winged just the way you like it, add a layer of silver glitter eyeshadow! Talk about super cosmic wings.

How do you get glitter eyeshadow to stay on? Troubleshooting tips.

Now that you have some great inspiration to work with, how do you apply glitter eyeshadow without making a mess? Just because you want a little more sparkle on your lids doesn’t mean you want it all over the rest of your face, your outfit, and your prep area. These tips and tricks will help you get the glam looks you crave without a big hassle.

Start with the eyes

If you’ve ever tried out glittery eye makeup before, you’re probably familiar with fallout. Keep the rest of your face as glitter-free as possible by starting your makeup look with the eyes. Getting glitter off clean skin is much simpler than peeling it off foundation or out of your lipstick.

Prime those lids

Choose a primer specifically for eyes. Apply it first to give your shadow something to cling to and more staying power.

Pick the right brush, then spritz & tap

Getting silver glitter shadow from the palette to lids is often the trickiest part of application. Keep even the loosest, refined sparkles sticking to your brush by choosing synthetic bristles and adding a spritz of setting spray before picking up the product.

Give your brush a tap before bringing it anywhere near your face to keep flyaways away and eliminate the excess.

Pressed glitter vs. loose glitter vs. liquid glitter Eyeshadow

You can also mix, match and layer silver glitter eyeshadows to get the perfect combination that lasts and continues to look great as long as you need it to. Add a layer of pressed silver shadow under looser glitter, or go for a liquid shadow underneath. Put powder on your lids, liquid in the corners, and add loose glitter to areas that need just a little more oomph.

Fallout gear: fan brush + tape

To get rid of the inevitable few bits of glitter that insist on being a part of your makeup party, whether you like it or not, simply brush them away with a fan brush or pick more stubborn fallout with a piece of tape.

Set the look & viola

Once you’ve completed your silver glitter eyeshadow look, start on the rest of your face. Set everything with a finishing spray to get lasting results.

Everybody deserves a little glitter

Getting the best silver glitter eyeshadow looks is that much easier now that you have 10 gleaming, glistening, glowing looks to inspire you. Making them last won’t be a problem for you either. From a light powdering of stardust to a look that channels your inner disco ball, there’s a way to wear glitter.

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