What You Need to Know About Eyeshadow Primer

Make-up professionals have used this wonderful tried and true trick for years, especially on their celebrity clients who need their make-up to last long hours, under hot spotlights, and under unusual conditions. Now, eye shadow primers and make-up primers like NYX eyeshadow primers are known in the marketplace, and thus, it is undoubtful that this is used every day by most fashionistas and make-up lovers.

If you want to know more about eyeshadow primer, scroll down and keep reading.

What does eyeshadow primer do and how to use it? 

young woman applying eyeshadow

Eyeshadow primers are miracle products that are applied to your eyelids before the eyeshadow is  applied. Eyeshadow primer is either a liquid or creamy product that is designed to prepare the  skin on your eyelid to enhance and extend the beautiful colors of your eyeshadow. It sounds like  magic, but there is incredible science and chemistry built into eyeshadow and makeup primers  like NYX eyeshadow primers. 

This is how eyeshadow primer product work 

Eyeshadow primers are designed to create a perfect canvas or base for the eyelid area. They  include good for your skin ingredients that absorb oils that cause eyeshadow to crease, create an  even base for eyeshadow to go on smoothly, and stay on for hours until you remove your  makeup. Keep in mind that skin tones and skin types all vary from very dry to very oily and  everything in between. Eyeshadow primers create an even and fair playing field for all  eyeshadow colors to look bright and amazing on everyone. 

Can concealer be applied as eyeshadow primer? 

If you are looking for a long-lasting and color-enhancing product to extend the life of your  eyeshadow, it is not recommended to use concealer as an eyeshadow primer. Keep in mind that  concealer is designed to mask and cover dark circles underneath the eyes and is used sometimes  as a highlighter to brighten different areas of the face. This includes above the brow bone, the  widow’s peak, and the jawline. Unlike the ingredients used to create eyeshadow primers,  concealers feature different pigments and colors and could also affect the eyeshadow color,  changing it altogether. For the best eyeshadow results, primer is recommended instead of using  concealer. 

How do you apply eyeshadow primer for the best results? 

Applying eyeshadow primer is one important step in your beauty routine that will transform the  way you thought of eyeshadow forever. If you have ever primed a wall or piece of furniture  before you paint it, this is a similar step. 

To get the best results, start by washing, drying, and moisturizing your face, including your eyes.  After you apply your favorite anti-aging facial moisturizers and eye creams, it’s time to apply  your eyeshadow primer. Each product and brand will differ so always read the package  instructions. Usually, less is more with eyeshadow concealer. Simply use a very small thin layer of primer onto your ring finger or tiny makeup brush devoted just to your primer.  

(It isn’t recommended to use the same brush for different products. It could cause irritation and  cross-contamination). Use gentle tapping motions with your ring finger (the ring finger is the best  finger for the job because it allows the perfect and equal pressure) or brush to completely blend  the layer into your eyelid’s delicate skin. Start at the eyelash line and cover anywhere on your  eyelid where you will later apply eyeshadow. This includes underneath the eye especially if you  are going to apply eyeliner and eyeshadow there, too. Allow the primer to completely dry before  applying your eyeshadow. 

What are the top reasons for applying eyeshadow primer? 

We’ve already discussed that eyeshadow primer creates the perfect canvas for bright beautiful  eyeshadow that is longer lasting than without using it. But what are other reasons this step is very  important? 

Eyeshadow can fade throughout time 

Eyeshadow that is directly applied to the lids will start to fade, crease, and disappear throughout  the day. It can also begin to look uneven within only a few hours after application. Eyeshadow  primer prevents all the above. 

Eyeshadow looks uneven 

You might think that you are a novice at applying eyeshadow because it doesn’t look the way  you thought it should. Using a primer before applying the color will change this altogether  because it will create the perfect canvas for flawless coverage and bright, even colors. 

Primers enhance eye liner too 

You might not have realized this, but eyeshadow primers help your eyeliners go on evenly and  smoother than without it. Plus as an added bonus, eyeliner will stay in place longer. 

Eye primer will brighten your eyes 

Due to the neutralizing effect of primer, this one layer will instantly wake up and brighten the  look of your entire eye area 

Eye primer treats the delicate eye area 

The eye area is a very delicate area. Eye primer brands like NYX eyeshadow primer are created  with special ingredients that are easy to apply to prevent antiaging and wrinkles. 

Prevents unnecessary and time-consuming touch ups 

For busy lifestyles on the go, using an eyeshadow primer will save you time and money. You  won’t have to reapply eyeshadow throughout the day and in the long run, save you money  because less product is used.


Now that you know how powerful this one small beauty routine step is, start today using a  primer like NYX eyeshadow primer. It might take some time and patience to find the perfect  eyeshadow primer that works the best for you, but overall this one quick and easy step before  applying eyeshadow will improve and enhance your makeup routine…and make your eyes look  colorful and fantastic!

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