What You Need to Know About Acrylic Toenails?

Just about every woman enjoys having her toenails done from time to time, even if she does them herself or only gets them professionally done once or twice a year. If you are going to be getting a pedicure soon and you’re trying to decide which type to get, you might be considering acrylic toenails.

Acrylic pedicures are a very popular choice for a number of reasons. Here is an overview of some things that you need to know about acrylic toenails, the good, bad and the ugly, before you get yours done.

Acrylic emits a very strong, chemical smell

If you’re not familiar with acrylic, it’s made by mixing a special liquid compound with a powdery substance in order to create the acrylic. There is a chemical reaction between these two substances that can cause very strong fumes to materialize. Those with respiratory problems like asthma, as well as those who are pregnant, should refrain from opting for acrylic toenails. There are other, safer choices to choose from for individuals in these categories.

Acrylic manicures are cheaper than gel, but acrylic pedicures are more expensive

Acrylic manicures are relatively easy to do, whether they’re done by a professional or by you. However, the toes are more delicate, and there are more problems that could result from acrylic being placed on the toenails. Therefore, whoever does an acrylic pedicure needs to be very experienced in order for it to turn out right and not cause the person to have complications. If you’re going to be performing your own acrylic pedicure, don’t let this fact deter you, just be sure that you’ve watched at least one very informative online video. You can find numerous online for absolutely free.

Acrylic pedicures last a lot longer than you’d expect

One reason that attracts people to acrylics when it comes to manicures is because of how long they last. While an acrylic manicure can last around three weeks or so, you can expect your acrylic pedicure to last even longer, since toenails grow at a slower rate than fingernails. This helps people who opt for these types of manicures to save both time and money.

Acrylic pedicures can sometimes be uncomfortable

Unlike gel and other types of pedicures, acrylic pedicures have been known to be uncomfortable for certain people. Why? Well, the main reason that acrylic pedicures can cause discomfort and sometimes even pain is because this type of pedicure is very hard, and this doesn’t make walking and participating in other forms of physical activity comfortable. This is why some people who have had acrylic toenails once never get them again.

You can sometimes develop a fungal toe infection

While the development of toe infections isn’t a common occurrence due to acrylic toenails, it can and does happen occasionally. Moisture can form underneath the bed of the toenails, and when that moisture is allowed to simply sit there, bacteria can quickly multiply, leading to infection. As long as you have your toenails done at a reputable salon and you ensure that you dry your feet, toes and toenails after they’ve become immersed in water, you should be able to avoid any type of fungal infections.

Strong chemicals can damage your toenails

Not only are there strong chemicals in the acrylic itself, but acetone, which is often used to remove acrylic from nails, contains its own set of chemicals. All these strong chemicals can dry out the toenails and leave them weak, thin, and peeling. They can also prevent your natural toenails from growing at all, as the chemicals have the potential to stunt their growth. This is why many people opt for gel or conventional nail polishes for their toenails, as these types of pedicures don’t cause the same issues.

You could develop ingrown toenails

Since acrylic is so hard, it can dig into the skin due to its weight, leading to ingrown toenails. As you’re probably aware, ingrown toenails are not fun, and they can actually be quite painful. So, instead of opting for acrylic toenails, especially if you haven’t had them before, you might want to look into other types of pedicures.

Acrylic toenails are very durable

One reason why so many people are fans of acrylic toenails is because of the durability of this particular pedicure. No one wants to keep returning to the salon because they notice chips or other imperfections starting to surface, and this is one thing that you won’t have to worry about with acrylic toenails, until at least the three or four-week mark. Even then, all most people notice is that they need a fill-in due to the toenail growing.


As you can see, there is a lot that you need to know about acyclic pedicures before you opt to get one. Many women that decide to get them are very satisfied with the results, and they often go back again and again to have them redone. However, many others have had such negative experiences with acrylic toenails that they’ve opted never to have them done again, whether professionally, or by themselves. If you opt to have an acrylic pedicure, as long as you find a reputable salon and properly take care of your toenails, your experience should go well.

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