What Nail Colors for Black Dress | 8 Colors to Choose

A black dress is a wardrobe staple. Not only does black look great on everyone, but wearing black can make you look slimmer and taller! Accessories can really make a neutral dress pop, which is why finding the right nails for a black dress is key.

Black may go with everything, but some nail shades will make more of an impact than others. If you’re trying to find the right color to paint your nails, take a look at these eight shades. Every one of these nail colors will go perfectly with your favorite black dress.


person with white manicure

Black and white are on opposite ends of the color spectrum. Even though white is a plain, neutral color, it can look bold when worn with black, especially if you choose a stark white polish. A creamy off-white is a little less dramatic, but it can still stand out against a dark black dress.

White nails can also be a canvas for a creative look. It looks gorgeous with a sparkly top coat and can be paired with all kinds of nail art. You can even paint the tips of your nails a different color to add a bit of contrast.


woman hands with manicured natural beige nails

If your goal is to look elegant, beige nail polish is a fantastic choice. Since beige is essentially a nude color, painting your nails beige can make them look clean and refined. It’s a way to dress up your nails while still making sure that your dress is the highlight of your look.

A neutral color like beige is perfect for formal and casual looks. For best results, choose an opaque beige polish with a glossy finish. Opaque cream polishes are less likely to chip, which means you’ll be able to keep your nails looking perfect!


female hands with silver nail polish 1

Silver looks stunning with black, especially if you’re dressing up for a formal event. If you have a cool skin tone and are planning on wearing silver jewelry with your dress, why not paint your nails silver too? You can also mix silver nail polish and gold jewelry for an edgy metallic look.

Matte silver nail polish looks sleek and sophisticated, but sparkly silver shades are a wonderful choice if you want to make your look a little more fun. There are countless shades of silver to choose from, and no matter what shade you decide on, your polish will be anything but boring. Even if you’re wearing a casual black dress, silver nails can make your look feel special.


glittered golden nails manicure

Gold is a dazzling, warm shade that’s strongly associated with luxury. If you want to look expensive, painting your nails gold can make you look like you’re wearing fancy jewelry! Sparkling gold nails can even draw attention to some of the other accessories you’re wearing, like rings and bracelets.

Glittery gold nail polish is a popular choice, but there are also metallic gold nail polishes that are more muted. If you want to paint your nails a neutral color, but you also want to pick a shade that you can have fun with, gold nails are your best bet. For just a hint of sparkle, paint your nails beige and add a pop of gold at the tips.


young womans hands with red manicure

While the color red always stands out, it’s even more striking when it’s worn alongside black. If you want to break up your look and add a pop of color, red nail polish will attract plenty of attention. Even a boring outfit can look exciting when it’s paired with red nails.

What’s particularly great about red is that there are so many shades to choose from. Blue-toned reds are a classic color, while orange-toned reds feel a little more summery. For maximum impact, try adding a sparkly or glittery top coat to your favorite red nail polish.


woman with pink manicure

Black can be a bit harsh, especially on people with very fair skin. If you want to soften your look, pink nails are the perfect choice. While some shades of pink are bright and bold, nude pinks are essentially a neutral color.

Pink is a surprisingly versatile nail color that looks great with black and many other colors. Whether you choose a baby pink polish, a shade of rose, or paint your nails neon pink, you’ll be able to choose a shade that’s right for you. French tips also look very nice with pink nail polish.


woman with blue manicure 1

Blue is one of the most versatile colors, which is why it’s a terrific option if you’re searching for the right nails for a black dress. There are so many shades of blue to choose from, ranging from powdery blue to classic navy to deep shades of turquoise. You could even choose a deep blue with hints of purple.

While some people claim that blue and black clash, you’ll find that most shades of blue look beautiful with your black dress. It’s best to avoid painting your nails a very dark navy shade, but a brighter navy color should look lovely. You can even use two different shades of blue to add contrast to your nails.


female hands with green manicure

If you’d prefer not to wear blue and black together, green nails are also a great choice. Like blue, green polishes come in all kinds of shades. A mint green nail polish is perfect for a fun summery outfit, while an elegant emerald green nail polish is ideal for an evening look.

Green and black look fantastic together, but this color pairing is still unexpected. If you do decide to paint your nails green, expect to get a lot of compliments. Green nails can look very classy, but they can also be a lot of fun.


Overall, you can paint your nails any color if you’re wearing a black dress. Still, there are certain colors that really stand out when worn with black. Whether you want plain nails, something with sparkle, or are looking for a bold shade to wear, one of these 8 colors should be a fantastic fit.

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