What Eyeshadow Goes With Fair Skin and Blue Eyes?

Amy Adams. Zooey Deschanel. Nicole Kidman. Each of these three beauties have totally different looks, yet they have one commonality that makes them all stand out. All three women have that killer combination of fair skin and blue eyes that looks so great with the right make-up. If you fall into this camp – that is, you have fair skin with blue eyes – you can take a page from their beauty playbook to make the most of this stunning combination.

In this post, we look at the fair skin and blue eyes beauty combination and offer some tips for finding the right make-up to make your blue peepers stand out.

Hair color considerations with fair skin and blue eyes

It’s nearly impossible to find the right eyeshadow to go with fair skin and blue eyes if you don’t take your hair color into consideration. Your hair color affects the rest of your look.

Generally speaking, a dark-haired, blue-eyed person will stand out if she uses warmer eyeshadow colors, whereas blue-eyed blondes may look better with cool eyeshadow colors. Each of these combinations works with your hair color, allowing your eyes to become the star of the show.

Go with extreme lights and darks

Contrast makes your blue eyes stand out. You already have one natural element that makes your blue eyes stand out: your fair skin. Although the palest blue eyes can almost look clear, those who have darker blue eyes and fair skin already have a lot of contrast in their look.

The trick, then, is to find eye make-up colors that enhance this. You have a couple of tricks you can try to accomplish this.

If you have a very dramatic look with dark blue eyes, very light skin, and dark hair like Zooey Deschanel, then your best bet may actually be to do very little with your eyeshadow. Choose something like a very light pink eyeshadow that’s closer to white than pink in shade. A light violet-white would also work.

Add a little light coating of brown mascara for a more natural look.

Use complementary colors with fair skin and blue eyes

The next trick to try is to play on opposites, or complementary colors, on the color wheel. One famous complementary color combination that you’re well aware of is red and green, because these colors have become the colors of the Christmas season.

If you have fair skin and blue eyes, then you may want to try some orange tones, like coral or rust. Blue and orange are complements on the color wheel, so they contrast with each other as much as red and green do. The contrast between the two colors makes for some standout make-up combinations.

Mind your skin’s undertones

It’s also important that you don’t ignore the undertones of your fair skin because those also influence how eyeshadow looks on your blue eyes. If you have warm skin undertones, then you may look best with a combination of pinks and browns on your eyes. If your skin falls on the cool side in terms of your undertones, you may look better with ivory shadows.

Emphasize fair skin and blue eyes with blue-on-blue

This recommendation is pretty much the polar opposite of the complementary color principle, but it is dramatic in its own way. When you color your eyelids with different shades of blue and then line your eyes with a blue eye pencil, you employ a fool-the-eye trick that makes your big blues look even bigger and even bluer. You basically become all blue eyes with this look.

Don’t be afraid to layer this look a bit. Cover the eyelid right by the iris of your eye with a darker shade of blue. Make the brow bone stand out by covering it with the lightest shade of blue. This principle makes the receded areas – your eyelids – recede even more and the more prominent areas – your brow bones – become more prominent.

Working with greens and purples

Green and purple sit on each side of blue on the color wheel. As such, they allow you to create a multi-layered, multicolored look on your eyes. They also work well with your light skin tones.

The key here is to get really good at shading with your make-up brushes or sponges. Ideally, you shouldn’t be able to tell where the blue ends and the purple begins (or where the blue ends and the green begins as the case may be). Jewel-toned shadows look great with this look.

A swath of pinks

When you color your upper and lower eyelids with shades of pink, you end up with a pretty, light, and feminine look. Pinks, particularly coral pinks, capture some of the contrasts of the complementary color principle, but do so in a much softer way. This is a nice look for a summer garden party if you go with a light, powdery eyeshadow instead of a cream-based one.

Final thoughts on eyeshadows for fair skin and blue eyes

Fair skin and blue eyes represent one of the most dramatic color combinations in the beauty world. As such, the eyeshadows that you choose get a beautiful backdrop on which to rest. Some looks, like the light pink shadow combination, bring a soft and feminine vibe to your look. Other more dramatic combinations, like orange shadows, really give you a dramatic flare.

Finally, while we’ve spoken about some possible combinations to give you some ideas, we can’t emphasize the idea that you should experiment enough. This has mostly to do with your personality. A specific color combination may technically look great on your eyes, but if it doesn’t fit your personality, then it’s not a good beauty match for you.

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