What Color Should I Paint My Nails? | Trending Colors

Having beautifully manicured fingernails is important for many women because it’s an easy and fun way to significantly enhance a woman’s overall appearance. Whether you enjoy getting your nails manicured professionally or have learned to perfect the art of doing them yourself, there can often be many colors and designs available. This may lead you to wonder: what color should I paint my nails?

Here is an overview of some trending colors, which will hopefully inspire you to choose the perfect color to paint your nails the next time they need to be redone.

Modern French manicure

A modern French manicure takes the traditional French manicure to a new and exciting level. If you prefer a manicure that is as simple as it is glamorous, then the modern French manicure is for you. What exactly is a modern French manicure? This gorgeous manicure can make special occasions like proms, weddings, and graduation parties even more special.The modern French manicure consists of clear polish on the lower part of the nail like the original, and instead of a white strip straight across the top, this strip starts on the sides and makes an attractive V-shape.

Green nails: A current and popular color

If you have an appreciation for the color green, then you are one of many who love this color. No one is quite sure why green has become such a popular nail color, but it has, and not just a single shade of green, either. The shades of green are endless, so if you’re picky about the specific shades of green that you like, then you should still have an easy time finding the precise variation of green nail color that will fill you with an immense amount of adrenaline and excitement.

Attractive and creative animal print nails

If you’re an animal print lover, then you will be happy to learn that animal print nails have become extremely popular. These beautiful nails typically consist of a tan or similar light-colored base, with the addition of black dots, along with pieces of brown to create a leopard print. You could also opt for a zebra print, and other animals, as well. You have the option of having your animal-print nails professionally done, which will give you access to more choices, or you could try experimenting at home with some of the easier prints, to begin with.

Elaborate nail designs

Another sought after nail trend this year is the elaborate nail design. There is no particular design that is more popular, and as long as it’s elaborate and consists of many different colors and scenes, they’re likely included in the latest trends. If you’re not creative enough to create your own elaborate nail designs and you want something specific, simply take a picture of the art you’d like on your nails and see if your nail tech can replicate it. You might have find a nail tech who specializes in detailed nail art, and you can also expect to pay more money than you would pay for a typical manicure.

Marble designs

If you like marble designs, then you’re in luck, because marble designs are definitely hot right now. Marble-colored designs can consist of any combination of colors that are swirled together into a unique and very beautiful pattern. The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the combination of colors for your marble pattern, so take your time to choose the perfect one.

Pink is in

There aren’t many women who don’t like wearing hot pink from time-to-time, and if you’re among these women, then you will love the hot pink nail color trend. Hot pink is such an attractive color on its own that there’s no need for any elaborate designs in order to enhance it. This is also an easy color choice if you want to have a DIY manicure, but of course, you can always treat yourself to a professional manicure.

Gold can make you feel like a princess

Gold is yet another currently trending nail color this summer. It doesn’t matter if you opt for nails that are all gold, gold with sparkles, or even gold-tipped, they’re all in right now. Just like hot pink nails, if you opt for gold, they’re so easy to do at home that you don’t have to feel forced to pay to have them professionally done. However, if you would simply like to pamper yourself by having your nails transformed into gold loveliness at a salon, then that’s fine, too.


As you can see, there are plenty of trending colors and designs to choose from when it comes to creating beautiful nails. This applies if you’re going to be getting them done at a salon or DIY at home. You can have a great deal of fun choosing and creating different nail designs and colors that will help you to look and feel your absolute best.

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