What Color Nail Polish With Red Dress and Black Shoes? | Ultimate Guide

Whether you’re attending an upcoming special event, you’re going to a meeting, or you’re simply going to church, you want to look your absolute best. Looking your absolute best entails wearing an outfit that has matching shoes, makeup, nail polish, and more. If you’ve decided to wear a red dress and black shoes to your upcoming event, then you may wonder what color nail polish to opt for. Here is an overview that offers some different choices that will look perfect, and hopefully, one has “you” written all over it.

Gold nail polish

female with gold nail polish

If you like the color gold, then you will love having gold nails for a red dress. Not only is gold an elegant color, but it can make any woman feel like an absolute queen. Gold nail polish will also accentuate the red of your dress as well as the black of your shoes, so if you opt for it, you won’t be sorry. What type of gold should you choose?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the various shades of gold that you can choose. If you’re dressing up and going for a special night out, why not opt for gold nails with glitter and/or sequins? You certainly can’t go wrong with these additions if you’re trying to make yourself feel special.

Silver nail polish

woman with silver manicure 1

Silver is another nail polish color that can be elegant and special, if you make it that way. Whether you choose to add glitter and/or other accentuating decor, the silver color will also enhance the appearance of your red dress and black shoes, whether your attire is casual or dressy.

If you’re not sure of the specific silver that you should choose, then take your time and research all the different choices that are available. There are fancy and extremely glamorous choices available, as well as your everyday silver. Of course, if you’re attending a special event, you want to go all out and opt for the most glamorous choice possible.

Black & red nails to match your outfit

female with a red and black manicure while holding a bottle of red nail polish

If you’re not too keen on silver or gold, then another perfect choice would be a combination of black and red. Whether you opt for a manicure that consists of red and black colors swirled together in a marble-like design or one that has a red base but is enhanced with black sequins or other designs, it’s bound to look absolutely amazing with your dress and shoes. You might even want to purchase a red and black bag, which will really complete your look. Of course, there will be numerous shades of red to choose from, but you should be sure to match the red as closely to the red of your dress as possible for the best look.

Beige nail polish

womans hands with beige manicure

Beige is no longer the boring color that women forget about, and an increasing number of women are discovering the versatility of this color. Since beige is such a neutral color, it’s easy to dress it up or dress it down. If you simply want to opt for plain beige nails, then it will go as perfectly with your outfit as a dressed up and sparkly beige would be. So, once you’ve decided whether you want your beige nail polish to be simple or sophisticated, you can then decide on the exact design.

A French manicure to accentuate your red dress

woman with french manicure

French manicures are still in, and in fact, there are some new and improved variations of this old favorite. Whether you opt for the original French manicure or one of the upgraded and modernized versions, this type of manicure will match your red dress and black shoes perfectly. You can then choose a purse in white, red, or black color, which will give you the perfect finish to your entire look.

If you’re not sure which French manicure you would like the best, then conduct some research. You can search the internet or even look in the nail color selection book at your local salon. Wherever you decide to see what’s available, it’s important to familiarize yourself with everything that’s available before you make a final choice. You don’t want to miss out on the perfect manicure because you didn’t know it existed.

Yellow nail polish: A bold choice

womans hand with yellow nail polish

If you’re feeling very bold and you don’t want to settle for mediocre any longer, then a bright yellow would go great with your red dress. The brightness of the yellow will truly enhance the red, and you will look like a model on the runway. If you like yellow, then don’t hesitate to opt for it, because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being bold and taking a chance sometimes. You might be surprised at just how many compliments you are likely to receive.


If you wear a red dress with black shoes to your upcoming special event, then you can wear any of the above-mentioned nail polish colors and look like an absolute queen. Even if you opt for another color and feel it might not match, as long as the manicure looks professionally done, you can still look like a queen. If it looks good and you want to wear it, then go for it! You only live once, so you may as well make sure you make the best of how you look and feel.

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