My Acrylic Nail Ripped Off Real Nail, Will It Grow Back?

Acrylic nails no doubt look beautiful and classy until they cause pain. Getting nails done by an acrylic artist is the most common way of having long and pretty nails, an ideal technique for girls who struggle to grow their nails. For most people who are fond of having acrylic nails, it is a lovely experience, but along with all its beauty, there is also a possibility that it may pull away your real nail. Though it isn’t very usual to get nails ripped off, it can be a real struggle if you are not careful enough.

Acrylic nails are glued onto the real nails, and if by any chance the glued-on nails get damaged, they injure the actual nail exposing the nail bed. Acrylic nails are not as sturdy as they may look, and there can be several reasons they rip off the real nail.

Acrylic nails ripped off a real nail, what to do?

Because of any of the reasons above or another if your natural nail gets pulled away, don’t panic. The often worrisome thought is acrylic nails ripped off a real nail, will it grow back? Yes, it will. Our nails are regenerative in nature; they grow back naturally. It may take time and a lot of patience because the process is slow.  

Fingernails grow back in 3 to 6 months depending upon the rate of your nail growth. Some have faster growth than others. However, the toenail may take a few more months or double the duration, nearly 18 months to develop fully. During this time period, the nail bed is exposed to the environment and has a high chance of infection. To avoid this, there are certain measures you should take. 

1. Evaluate the injury 

To treat the ripped-off nail it is important to determine the depth of injury. The first step should be to access whether the nail has been completely pulled away or if some of the parts are still attached to the acrylic nail. In case of blood, don’t worry. Press a cotton ball on the wound until the blood stops.

2. Separate the acrylic nail

The acrylic nail still attached to the real nail should be removed using a nail polish remover (non-acetone). Dip a cotton ball in the remover and place it on the acrylic nail, hold it for a while and remove. Repeat the process until the acrylic nail is completely removed.    

3. Take care of your nail

Gently remove the torn piece of the nail and clean the nail bed. Do not exert pressure, the torn part will come off easily. Sticking the acrylic nail to the ripped nail can cause infections and more chances of damage. Smooth the edges of the natural nail to keep it safe from further harm.

4. Keep the nail bed clean

Clean the nail bed with the nail polish remover by gently pressing the soaked cotton ball on the nail bed. It will help in stopping any further bleeding. Keep the nail bed clean and dry to save it from any infections. 

5. Let your nails rest

We know you love acrylic nails but your body loves you more and it needs your help. Let your nails rest for a while before putting on another set of acrylic nails. Nails were pulled apart because their health was compromised, let them heal first. Meanwhile, take care of them.

6. Nail strengthener 

It will take 3 to 6 months for a nail to develop completely. During that time period apply oils and serums for nail strengthening. There are many available in the market. Jojoba and olive oil are good for nail health and they also help to protect the nail bed from any infections. Drop a few drops of oil and massage gently. 

7. Patience 

The most important step that rarely anyone talks about is having patience. The process is long and it may sadden you to see your ripped-off nail and it may urge you to go for an acrylic application but wait. It will heal and it will grow back, with just a little care and patience.  

Why do acrylic nails rip off the real nail?

Acrylic nails are high maintenance and require regular visits to the nail salon for touch up. However, incidents do happen that result in revealing the soft skin of the nail bed disclosed to external infections. Some of the common reasons why acrylic nails tore the real nails are;

1. They have completed their life

In reputed salons, the nail artist encourages to have a next appointment to fill the gap created by the use because this gap between the two nails can cause injury. Never delay your appointments!

2. Poorly adjusted 

Chances are your acrylic nails were not placed correctly. Either there was too much or too less adhesive applied or the adhesive wasn’t distributed evenly. The improper application creates a weak bond between the two which can rip the actual nail. 

3. Poor quality 

No matter what product you are applying to your skin or nail to check the quality. Poor quality adhesive, acrylic nails, or the ones exceeding their life are a risk. They may not attach to the real nail properly and can result in causing damage. 

4. Removal of acrylic nails 

the most important thing in acrylic nail application is choosing the right salon. The ones who are experts in their field or it can cause you a lot of pain and trouble. As much as the application of acrylic nails is important, the removal of them is equally significant. Using proper tools, force, and technique is necessary to avoid the chances of nails ripping apart.


Even after choosing the right nail salon if your acrylic nail damages your natural nail, now you have all the right information to deal with it. A little care is necessary, and if you follow these steps, the nails will grow more beautiful and stronger again.

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