Lash Extension Curl Chart: How To Do Guide

Many women are concerned about the appearance of their eyelashes because short or thin lashes can make most women feel unattractive. Having less-than-desirable lashes leads many women to seek out artificial eyelashes since there are so many variations to choose from, making it easier to get some that look quite real. Some women prefer curling their lash extensions, and if you’re interested in wearing curled extensions, here is a lash extension chart that will hopefully guide you in choosing the best-curled extensions.

Choosing the right lash extensions for the right look

Lash extensions have evolved tremendously since they first originated in the early 1900s, and now there are so many variations that it can be difficult to choose the right choice. The first thing that you need to do before choosing a lash extension is to pay close attention to your natural lash pattern. You should also pay attention to face-shape as well as the shape of the eyes, as certain types of extensions will only go well with certain shaped faces and eyes. Once you’ve determined whether your natural lash pattern is upwards or downwards, as well as your face and eye shape, you can then choose from the extensions that go best with your natural pattern.

This lash extension curl chart can give you an idea of just some types of extensions to choose from if you’re looking for curled lashes:

Subtle curlsPronounced curlsLifted curls
L curl – a very slight or nearly non-existent curl that is sometimes used by men who want to thicken and lengthen their natural lashes.C curl – one of the most popular types of lash extension worldwide. Best for natural lashes that grow in a downward patternM curl – the opposite of L curl extensions. This is not recommended for people with upward natural lashes. This extension makes downward natural lashes appear more upward.
J curl – this has the most natural-looking curl and is best suited for people with straight natural lashes, or those that point upwards.D curl (CC) – for people with natural lashes that grow in a downward pattern who are looking for a startling look. They’re similar to C curl extensions, but with a more pronounced curl.L curl – this is more or less a C curl extension, except with a flat base. They’re best suited for those with natural lashes that grow upwards and will provide a stunning and flattering look.
B curl – offers slightly more curl, but it’s still suitable for people with natural lashes that have a straight or upwards pattern.U curl (DD) – this is the most pronounced curled-extension of the three for those with downward natural lashes, and it gives people an extreme appearance similar to a doll. Definitely for special occasions and not everyday wear.L + curl – essentially a D curl extension, this choice is curlier than the L curl, and will beautifully enhance the natural lashes of those with a natural upwards patterned lash.

Should you curl your own extensions or purchase pre-curled lashes?

If you’re a beginner and you’re just starting to experiment with lash extensions, then it’s probably best for you to choose some of the pre-curled lashes listed on the chart above. However, once you’ve had some practice with wearing certain extensions, then you can try buying straight lashes and curling them to help you achieve a certain look. When curling your own lash extensions, you must take the same things into consideration to get the best look, such as the shape of the face and eyes, the direction of the natural lash pattern, and more. It might be best to have them professionally done or watch a tutorial before trying to curl and attach them yourself.

Should you opt for EZ curl lashes?

EZ curl lashes are lash extensions that are more appropriate for beginners. Not only are EZ curl lashes easier to apply because of their wider base, but they bond more thoroughly, preventing them from detaching prematurely. The base of EZ curl lash extensions are straighter than your typical extension, allowing for more manipulation. EZ curl lash extensions are also more comfortable than traditional choices, due to their well-shaped design that more closely resembles the eye. Some EZ curl lash extension wearers also consider EZ curl lashes to be more practical and closer to natural lashes than other types. Furthermore, EZ curl lash extensions have the tendency to make the eyes “pop” out more, enhancing a person’s overall appearance.

Determining the right diameter and thickness

In order to achieve the best and most natural look, regardless of the type of lashes you choose, you need to carefully consider the diameter and thickness of the eyelash extensions. You’ve likely seen people wearing lashes that look amateurish and tacky, and choosing the right diameter and thickness will minimize the chances of yours coming out that way.

If you’re looking for thicker-looking lashes with volume extensions, then 0.03mm – 0.05mm extensions are your best choice and will provide you with lashes that have extreme volume. If you’re seeking Russian volume, then you should opt for 0.06 mm – 0.07 mm extensions. 0.15 mm is the most popular and the most naturally looking diameter lash extension that women opt for. There are choices that go as high as 0.30 mm or even higher, but you should make a choice that would look most natural on you, as you don’t want to end up with the opposite appearance of what you’re trying to achieve.


Hopefully, this lash extension curl chart helps you choose the lash extensions that would go best with the look you’re trying to achieve based on the curl pattern of your natural lashes. Wearing eyelash extensions can be a wonderful way to improve a woman’s appearance and level of confidence, but choosing the right extensions as well as attaching them properly is extremely important.

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