How to Get Overtone Out of Brown Hair Without Damage

Whether you’re a hair coloring pro or a total newbie, getting overtone safely out of your brown hair can actually become a daunting task at times. Overtone product line for brown hair that includes overtone green, purple, blue and rose gold, etc., uses semi-permanent color depositing conditioners to dye your hair and, like any other semi-permanent hair color, these colors will fade with time and but how quickly do they fade?

The truth is that it really depends on several factors, including the natural color of your hair, hair porosity, the color of the coloring conditioner, the hair texture, etc. However, luckily, there are several proven methods that can speed up the fading process of the overtone color without damaging the natural color, texture, and tone of your own hair. So, keep reading to know more on how you can safely remove overtone from your brown hair without a hassle.

Why is it difficult to remove overtone from my hair?

Overtone is made of color pigments that last considerably longer compared to other hair dyes making it a little challenging to remove from your hair. Since the staying power of these pigments is also determined by different individual factors, the options that we’ll be discussing next will have results that are also subjective which means you’ll be the one to determine which one is the best one for your hair.

Option #1 – Olive oil mask

Olive oil adheres to hair fibers and permeates the breaks caused by permanent hair color. For semi-permanent hair dyes, it works by encapsulating the pigment molecules accumulated there.

It’s important to note that, since this method uses hot olive oil, extreme care should be taken to avoid any severe burns.

You will need: 

·       Olive oil

·       Hair dye brush

·       Shower cap

·       Gloves


1. Wash your hair with hot water for as long as you can tolerate. The hot water ensures that the color comes out easily through opened pores.

2. Heat 1/2 cup of olive oil in the microwave for 10 seconds. It should be hot but not boiling hot. 

3. Then apply the olive oil to the hair and massage it until the hair is totally covered. You may use the hair dye brush for this step.

 4.  Then, cover your hair with a shower cap and wait for 30 minutes.

 5.  Now, using a thick shampoo with warm water removes the olive oil from your hair.

This treatment method suits any hair color including brown hair and will greatly moisturize your hair while removing overtones in 2-3 applications without damage.


·       Suits any hair color/ texture

·       Doesn’t cause dryness

·       Moisturize your hair deeply

·       No need to apply conditioners during the treatment


·       Hot oil can burn the skin hence, extreme care is needed.

Option #2 – The fader shampoo

The Fader Shampoo by overtone is a clarifying shampoo that gently strips the color out of your brown hair while deeply cleaning the hair and the scalp.

Depending on several individual factors, the fader shampoo may take up to 5 washes to completely strip the semi-permanent shade.


1. Work a small amount in your hand and lather through the areas of the hair where the fading process is expected.

2. Leave in your hair for up to one minute.

3. Rinse thoroughly. 

4. Follow up with a conditioning treatment for maximum hydration.


·       Gently and safely remove the color from any hair type

·       Deeply cleanses the hair

·       Doesn’t contain sulphates, silicones, parabens, and ammonia

·       Formulated from plant-based, biodegradable ingredients


·       Extra conditioning may be required to avoid dryness.

Option #3 – Daily activities

If you’re not in a hurry, never forget that the natural fading of overtone could be the safest and easiest method for you. Regardless of your hair color, simple daily activities including taking a shower, swimming, and taking a walk will help your hair get out of overtone without damage.

For instance, washing your hair frequently with hot water will fade overtone colors much faster. If the overtone is not a dark color, you will likely fade them with regular washing within less than two weeks.(e.g.: pastel green, pastel blue).

Swimming is another activity that helps get rid of overtone thanks to a substance in the water called hypochlorous acid (chlorine) that has color removing property.


 ·       Has the highest safety


·       Removes overtones slowly or may not remove at all.

Option #4 – Laundry soap

Liquid laundry soap normally contains color corrosive detergents with dirt and stain removing properties which means it can be effective in removing overtone colors as well. However, it’s considered to be a less forceful but highly aggressive approach when it comes to removing hair dyes. When applied correctly, you’ll observe a drastic color change in your hair with only a few washes.


1. Lather and massage the laundry detergent and apply it to your hair.

2. Allow the detergent to sit in your hair for a few minutes. Please take care not to ruin your nose, mouth, and eyes. 

3. To remove the soap, rinse thoroughly with warm water which helps to get semi-permanent color pigments out by opening the hair cuticle. 

4. Follow a deep conditioning treatment to avoid hair fibers getting dry and chilly.


·    It might be okay to try once or twice if other methods didn’t give the expected results.


·       Can make your hair dry, and damage the overall health of your hair.

·       You could potentially irritate your skin.

·       An extra hydration plan needs to be followed.

Bottom line

The type of hair and the natural pigmentation of it typically determine how easy it is to remove overtone from your brown hair. Nonetheless, it’s always better to go for the least aggressive and natural methods first, before moving on to rather risky ones. If you see that none of these methods is budging your color, it probably means that you’ll have to see a stylist to tackle the problem. 

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