How to Apply Cluster Lashes So They Look Natural

Cluster lashes can really enhance your appearance, transforming you from mundane to magnificent in a matter of minutes. However, applying cluster lashes can be somewhat tricky because of their multiple layers. Having the lashes applied professionally is your best bet to ensure that they look natural, but if you insist on applying them on your own, there are ways to accomplish this goal.

In order to apply the lashes so they look natural and not clumpy, is important too, first of all, choose the best cluster lash extensions. If you fail to choose a high-quality lash extension that is durable enough to handle daily wear and tear. You must also layer the lashes in a strategic manner so they look full, thick, natural and beautiful.

How to apply cluster lashes

Applying cluster extensions doesn’t have to be challenging, nor do you have to be a professional to apply them. Here are the easy steps to applying your cluster lashes so you will end up looking your absolute best:

  1. Start with the longest of the individual lash extensions and use a pair of tweezers to retrieve the cluster and dip it into the glue, ensuring that you cover the entire band of the lash. Wait for a bit before application, just until the glue becomes somewhat tacky.
  2. Once the lash adhesive is tacky, start applying the lash at the outer edge of your eyelid and gently press down until you reach the middle of your eye line.
  3. Next, start in the center of your eyelid and follow the above steps to add one of the shorter lash extensions. Depending on how much volume you’re looking to achieve, as well as the shape of your eyes, you may be able to fit a couple more clusters of lashes on each side.
  4. Allow time for the glue to dry, and you will know it’s dry when the glue becomes clear. Once it’s dry, it’s time to determine if the eyelashes are secure. You can do so by applying mascara to them. Once you’ve confirmed that they’re secure, you can then use eyeliner to camouflage any unevenness that may be present.

How to make your eyelashes last as long as possible

There are some smart ways to extend the life of your lash extensions, and the main way to help them last as long as possible is to refrain from using oil, water and make-up wipes near your eyes. If you use any of these substances near your eyelash extensions, it could loosen the glue, causing your lash extensions to fall off.

Another surefire way to extend the life of your cluster lashes is to clean them on a daily basis. However, refrain from using cotton pads, as they could accidentally snag your cluster lashes and pull them off. To clean your volume lashes, use an oil-free eye make-up remover and a reusable cotton pad. It might take a few minutes, but ensure that you gently but thoroughly clean your flare lashes.

Are cluster lashes bad to wear?

False eyelashes have come a long way when compared to how they were years ago, and while cluster lashes may have been bad to wear in the past, especially if they were applied at home, these eyelash extensions can really make you look glamorous. One issue that people might have with cluster lashes is the actual application process, because since they must be applied individually, it’s often challenging and time-consuming.

Many people looking to improve the appearance of their natural lashes often opt for strip lashes instead of volume extensions like cluster lashes. However, one definite con of wearing strip lashes is the fact that these lashes can’t be worn for more than a day and must be removed and reapplied on a daily basis. On the other hand, strip lashes are often used instead of other types of lashes if a person is looking for a one-time dramatic look for a special occasion, and they’re lighter in weight.

Cluster lashes can potentially look too thick, clumpy and rumpled if not applied properly. They’re also often not as durable as other types of lashes, as it’s difficult to protect them during removal. Again, if you purchase high-quality cluster lashes that are known for their durability, then your lashes can be worn again in the future because they will remain intact. As long as you’re cautious during the application process, they should look gorgeous instead of clumpy or rumpled.

The immense cost of cluster lashes

One issue that deters clients from opting for cluster lashes is their high cost in comparison to strip lashes and other eyelash extensions. However, many clients feel that having an experienced technician apply their pre made flares is worth it, as they don’t have to perform the application process themselves.

There are ways to minimize the cost of pre made fans, or cluster lashes, as you can shop around, buy them in bulk, or even on sale. As a matter of fact, cluster lashes can be found very cheaply online, and as long as you find a high-quality adhesive, you can apply them yourself, or ask a friend to help.

Expertly applying your cluster lashes

There is no need to go to one of the many expensive salons in order to get the look that you’re seeking with cluster lashes. As long as you take your time and apply them carefully, you can apply them just as well as an expert can.

So, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or you’re simply in the mood to dress up, you don’t need a professional lash technician to help you achieve your goal. If you’re ready to transform yourself into the queen that you are, now it’s time to go purchase your favorite high-quality cluster volume lashes. Be sure that you also choose the best eyelash extension adhesive, which will keep your lash extensions well-attached until you’re ready to remove them.

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