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If you’re going for a professional pedicure for the first time soon, you’re probably both excited and a bit nervous. It’s normal to be anxious about something you’ve never done before, but there is nothing to be worried about when it comes to having a pedicure done. In fact, you should focus on your excitement because you’re in for a real treat, especially if you’re paying extra for a premium pedicure.

Most pedicures include a foot soak as well as a massage, which can be very relaxing and enjoyable. So, just how long does a pedicure take? Here is an overview that will answer this question for you and more.

What type of pedicure are you getting?

Knowing what type of pedicure you plan on getting can determine approximately how long it will take. First of all, there is no way to determine how long you will wait in order for your treatment to begin, especially if you’re walking in. If you’re going to be getting a traditional pedicure, then from the time your treatment begins and then ends, you will likely spend about 45 minutes at the spa. However, the entire pedicure could take significantly longer if you’re having your toenails polished, or having gel or acrylic applied. It could take as long as 90 minutes total.

Are you getting other services?

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If you opt for other services while you’re at the spa, such as a facial, manicure, eyebrow arching, etc., you could end up spending an even longer time there. After everything is finished, you might realize that you’ve been there for several hours. If you have a free schedule and you can spend as much time at the spa as you need to, then relax and enjoy yourself!

Some of the more upscale spas will provide you with free wine and even a snack during your services. However, if you’re on a tight schedule and you have some place to be at a certain time, then you can always ask the technician approximately how long your services will take, in total. If the estimate doesn’t work, then you may need to simply focus on one service and return at a later time when you aren’t too busy to enjoy the other services.

Approximate time for a gel pedicure, and what to expect

If you’re going to be getting a gel pedicure, then your technician will likely soak your feet in some warm water first. Your chair will likely massage your back and neck areas, promoting relaxation. Once your foot soak is over, the technician will trim your cuticles, remove any existing nail polish, buff away any rough skin or calluses and clip and file your toenails. After this is done, he or she will then apply the gel nail polish of your choice, likely in two or more coats, including a top coat, and your feet will be placed under a UV lamp to cure the pedicure between each coat. This won’t take long at all. At some point, your technician will massage your feet and legs. You should be done with this type of pedicure in less than an hour.

Approximate time and what to expect from an acrylic pedicure

If you opt for an acrylic pedicure, then the soaking, removal of existing polish, and other prepping tasks will be the same. Once your feet have been properly prepped, then it’s time to apply the acrylic. You might have to get used to the acrylic toenails at first, because they will likely feel strange initially and possibly even be tight around the cuticles. The entire process from start to finish will likely be a bit longer than a gel pedicure, as it takes more time for acrylic to dry.

Which type of pedicure is best?

females feet with a french pedicure

There is no particular type of pedicure that is best for everyone, because everyone has different likes and dislikes, in addition to expectations. One person may only want a pedicure with no nail polish, while another prefers gel pedicures because they don’t contain the strong fumes like acrylic does, and because gel lasts nearly as long as acrylic does. If you’re not sure which type of pedicure to opt for, you should either do research on the different types of pedicures available as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each choice. You can also call the spa prior to your appointment to ask them to explain what the different types entail.


As you can see, the average amount of time that a pedicure takes can vary drastically, as there are many different variables to consider. You will spend a lot more time at the spa if you’re going to be getting multiple services, as well as if you’re opting for one of the premium pedicures. Some pedicures include special massages that are far superior to the standard massages that all customers receive. These luxurious massages can really make you feel good and relaxed, but they will also take more time, so be sure to inquire how long the entire process will take in advance if you need to.

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