All Shades of Green Coffin Nails for All Occasions

If you’re a lover of the color green and you’re looking for an amazing new way to wear your nails, whether you’re trying to make a statement or you have an upcoming special occasion, there are many choices available. In fact, green coffin nails are currently trending in a huge way. Green coffin nails are simply nails that are any shade of green and shaped like coffins. If you’d like to get your nails a green coffin, then here is an overview to help you choose the best shade so you can show off your lovely nails.

Green Coffin Nails For Your Birthday

Every woman should be pampered on her birthday, and there’s no better way than having her nails professionally manicured. If you’re not sure which variation of green coffin nails to get for your birthday, you might want to try a light to mid-green color and have rhinestones, hearts, flowers, or some other pretty design that you desire. However, even darker shades of green can look amazing, depending on what your attire will be and what your specific tastes are. If you have an especially talented nail tech, then you could even opt for more elaborate designs to go along with the lovely green color, like a birthday cake and other birthday-themed art.

Christmas and Your Green Coffin Nails

Everyone loves dressing up festively for Christmas, and wearing green coffin nails can be the perfect way to compliment your look, regardless if you’re going to a holiday party or simply heading to work. Since green is naturally a Christmas color, it can be easy to pair your green coffin nails with Christmas-themed designs. You can alternate between Santa, Christmas Trees, ornaments, and so much more. It’s easy to have fun changing your green coffin nails during this festive holiday time, and you can opt for medium to dark green color to paint the edges, with the holiday design of your choice on the other part of your nails.

Green Coffin Nails For Halloween

Although Halloween isn’t always a special occasion, some people look forward to it because it allows you to dress up in cool costumes and have a great time. There is no more perfect time to sport your green coffin nails than for Halloween, and it’s not even necessary to wait until the actual day of Halloween. You can wear your green coffin nails all month long, if you desire. Part of the month, you could have the tips of your nails colored your favorite shade of green, while the remainder of your nails could have a ghost, pumpkin, witch or another festive design. Alternatively, you could simply have your coffin green nails highlighted with orange and black if you prefer not to have more elaborate art. Whatever you want, chances are, it will look wonderful and make you feel good.

Saint Patrick’s Day & Your Coffin Green Nails

You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, because everyone knows how fun it is to wear green and drink green beer on March 17th of each year. So, if you opt to get your nails done in a green coffin design for St. Patrick’s Day, even if you don’t wear green, you won’t have to worry about getting pinched, because your nails will be green. When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, it’s not even necessary to get fancy, as any plain green coffin nails will suffice. However, if you want to get shamrocks and leprechauns on your nails, then that will only enhance your enjoyment of your nails.

Green Coffin Valentine’s Day Nails

If you’re a hopeless romantic, then there’s no way you’re not going to get some type of Valentine’s design on your nails in February. Coffin green nails can enhance the look of your heart and flower-designed nails in a major way. The good thing about green coffin Valentine’s Day nails is the fact that the sky’s the limit when it comes to the different nail art you can choose from to accompany your coffin green nails. If you are doing them yourself, why not experiment a bit and try some different decor? If you’re really creative and have talent, you can have a great deal of fun creating some gorgeous and in-depth designs that are also unique.

Going On Vacation With Coffin Green Nails

Going on vacation is another great time to get your nails manicured in a coffin green design. You undoubtedly want to look and feel your absolute best on vacation, so getting your coffin green nails done in an emerald, lime or grass green can really make you look fabulous. Since you’re going on vacation, there’s no need to opt for anything fancy unless you simply want to splurge a bit, which you’re certainly entitled to do.

Coffin Green Nails to Wear to a Wedding

If you’re going to be attending a wedding soon, then why not go all out by getting your nails done in coffin green? These shades can be chosen based on whether you’re going to be part of the actual wedding ceremony, what the color scheme is, and more. However, if you’re just attending the wedding and you’re not going to be a bridesmaid or maid of honor, then you can choose your own specific green, depending on what you’re wearing. You can also go as glamorous or as simple as you desire. Of course, if you’re the bride, then you will want sequins and various other fancy enhancements on your coffin green nails.


Green coffin nails are extremely versatile because they can be customized in so many different ways or even worn plain, with no additional decor besides the shade of green you choose. So, if you’re interested in having your nails manicured in a green coffin design for a special occasion or simply because you like the color green, you will be among many others doing the same.

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