8 Trendy Acrylic Toenails

If you enjoy getting pedicures and you’re interested in having them done with acrylic, then you are among numerous other women who have discovered this wonderful type of pedicure. Not only do acrylic pedicures last an extremely long time (sometimes as long as four – five weeks), but the thick layer of material that creates acrylic can encourage nail growth and protection. If you’re going to be getting an acrylic pedicure soon, you might be trying to decide what design to get. With the abundance of colors and designs available, the choices are unlimited. Here is an overview of eight trendy acrylic toe nails to provide you with inspiration.

Butterflies & ladybugs

bright butterfly design pedicure

Some women hate bugs, but butterflies and ladybugs are so colorful, beautiful and lovable that it’s difficult not to fall in love with them and put them in a separate category. This is why butterfly and ladybug acrylic toes are currently trending, because they’re so cute. Whether you opt for butterflies or ladybugs, you can choose any base color that you want, and then your butterflies and ladybugs will be added for enhanced beauty. Keep in mind that you will likely pay more for such an elaborate design, but for most women, it’s very much worth it.

Acrylic red glitter nails

woman feet with red glitter pedicure

There aren’t many women who don’t like glitter because this magical material has the ability to immediately transform from mediocre to magnificent. This is one reason why glitter nails have become so popular for acrylic toes. You will first put the red color as your base, then choose the type of glitter you desire. Your nail tech will handle the rest. If you’re doing a DIY job at home, you will decide what type of glitter to use for your acrylic toes.

Dotted acrylic toenails

woman with dotted acrylic toenails

In addition to being popular, dotted acrylic toenails are one of the relatively easy designs to create at home. However, many women prefer to have their acrylic toenails professionally done, because even though this type of pedicure is more expensive than all others, acrylic can be challenging to work with, especially when doing the toes. Dotted toenails can consist of any base color and any colored dots, and the sky is the limit when it comes to ideas.

Flowered acrylic toenails

pedicure with yellow orchids

Flowers have been a thing since the beginning of time, and they will always be loved because they’re so beautiful. This is why flower-covered acrylic toenails have become so popular. With such an abundance of different flowers and colors available, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating beautiful designs involving flowers for your toenails, whether you do them at home or have them done at the salon.

Summer acrylic toenails

female sea side pedicure

There’s something about the mixture of red, white and blue that creates beautiful designs. There are numerous red, white and blue designs available for your acrylic toenails, and if you don’t see what you’d like, then create your own. Red, white and blue swirled together like marble is popular, but so is a white nail base with red and blue rhinestones. These are just two out of hundreds of possible ways to feel summer heat through your acrylic toenails.

Pink toenails

pink pedicure

Pink is another popular acrylic toenails design. The appearance is impressive, regardless of how you decide to get yours done. You might opt for hot pink with silver glitter, rhinestones, or a similar variation. Think about your choices before deciding; you might even try looking for inspiration online for other possibilities. If you’re having your toenails done professionally, you will be provided with a book with design ideas, but if you can’t find what you want, don’t be afraid to make a suggestion or show the nail tech a picture of what you want.

Animal prints

woman with butterfly pedicure

Animal prints like butterfly, cow, leopard and zebra prints are very popular when it comes to acrylic toenails (and fingernails). If you don’t feel you’re talented enough to create such prints at home, then the right salon can do them for you. You could even alternate different animals prints on different toes, if you wanted. Or, if you want to stick with only one choice for them all, then that’s all right, as well.

Blue toenails

woman with blue pedicure

Acrylic toenail designs are becoming more and more creative and elaborate. Blue toenails have become very trendy because they’re beautiful and eye-catching, creating gorgeous art. Of course, you can customize your toes however you want, but regardless of how you personalize them, it’s very likely to be gorgeous.


Having your toenails done can be just as fun and exciting as having your fingernails done. Hopefully, the above list has provided you with ideas so you’ll know what to choose for your next acyclic pedicure. If you’re not a fan of the one you ultimately decide on, you can always opt for a different trend the next time, which you will hopefully adore.

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